Friday, March 24, 2006


Here we are at Singh Sabha Gurdwara in New Jersey playing kirtan.

Here is the Sangat (community) at Singh Sabha Gurdwara.

Here we are getting ready for our concert in Titusville New Jersey. One of the keys on my harmonium had a terrible buzz. Here is a friend and helper, Nelson, who took out his tool chest and got to work.

Yay, the buzz is gone!!

Mahan Rishi Singh is a great chiropractor. Here he is taking care of Krishan Prakash.

Nirbhe Kaur and Karta in the kitchen. Nirbhe Kaur cooked the most wonderful food for us.

Krishan, Nirbhe Kaur, Mahan Rishi Singh, GuruGanesha Singh, Karta and the dog Brahma. This photo was taken outside of their ashram in Princeton Junction, New Jersey.

Krishan doing angel wings on me, Nirbhe Kaur, Mahan Rishi Singh, GuruGanesha Singh, me, the dog Brahma.

With the angel wings this time.

A guy sees us at a gas station and stops to help Krishan change the wind shield wipers on Miracle. It feels like the hand of Guru Ram Das is with us always. We decided to give him a box of organic oatmeal cookies to say thank you.

Rockin out in the van on the way to Ottowa Canada. GuruGanesha is being sponsored by a Gingerale company. Just kidding!!

Rockin out in the can see the whole crew.

As you can see from the photo gallery we have been having a great time. One of the memorable experiences that I'd like to share with you is the beautiful Celebrate Peace Concert in Titusville New Jersey. Mahan Rishi Singh and Nirbhe Kaur poured their hearts into organizing this. The hall was packed with people and we really sent some powerful healing prayers out to the world. We had the distinct honor of giving a $1,000 Peace Cereal Grant to an organization called START, Students Taking Action and Responbility Today. I apologize for not showing any pictures of this because my camera ran out of batteries. But, just imagine this. At the end of the concert just as everyone put their hands together to sing "May the Long time Sun Shine Upon You", we invited five teenagers from START to join us and sing with us. They were some of the most powerful and motivated teenagers that I have ever met. They are putting the $1,000 towards a day called SUMMIT UP. During this day they will hold a peace march and are putting together many activities and workshops for the local community to learn how to live peaceful lives. A big thank you to them for their work. As I said to them at the end of the concert, "This is only the beginning for you guys!"

looking forward to seeing your ottawa pics
looking forward to your show tonight on somerset street, I am bringing my 2 children, my 4 year old daughter puts your CD on before she goes to bed. namaste.
Fateh ji sister,
It was so good to meet you in bangkok. Your voice and the seva that you are doing is amazing , I love the yoga session you did with all of us here in Bangkok . Really looking forward to meet you again. Thank you to guru ji for a wonderful sister like you!!
Snatam, your concert last night in Ottawa was very moving. My little girl would not leave the venue without saying good-bye to you personally. She has been speaking of you all day and your music is resonating through our house. It was an honor to be in that church last night, the energy was immense. It was simply beautiful. We look forward to your return in October.
Beautiful pictures!
Ohhh... another Paramjot Singh? :-)
Great Blog!
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