Sunday, July 24, 2011


Sat Nam everyone. This year I will be singing with my mother at Spirit Fest. I am so happy that she is coming. Joining her are Amar Singh (guitar, vocals, and flute) Sahib Amar Kaur (viola) who accompanied her on her album Season's of the Soul. And also my beloved husband Sopurkh Singh will be playing tabla. If you haven't heard her sing it is an unearthly experience. Growing up, there was always this window into heavenly realms right in our own home as she sang most every day. She still sings every day. You get transported with her too in a kind of spiraling way. Her voice and devotion spiral into the space around her and create this energy for the possibility of your heart opening. It is a quiet and subtle energy, but very powerful. As a teenager sometimes I resisted singing with her because I wanted my own independence and my own experience. God did give me that, as I have been blessed to play kirtan all over the place. Now as a weathered traveler and mother myself I humbly accept any opportunity to sing with her as a blessing from God. I thirst for it in fact. So, if you are anywhere near Spirit Fest this September, I invite you to come and experience her and this lovely energy

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