Friday, May 26, 2006

Celebrate Peace Goes to the UK!!!!

Ok.... here's me being a tourist and taking pictures of double decker buses in London. How fun!!!

We played kirtan in a beautiful old English house right in the heart of London. It was organized just a week before, but the living room was packed with people. How beautiful the voices were who sang with us! Many thanx to Karta Kaur who organized it.

Here we are with Jagjit Singh who joined us to play tabla. He is a very beautiful Gursikh and a great tabla player. He has a similar playing style to our dear friend Harimander Jot Singh of the Chardi Kalaa Jatha. I hope they can meet some day.

Here we are with friends at Karta Kaur's house. After Kirtan they served us a delicious meal and some very tasty cakes.

Karta Singh and Karta Kaur.

We visited an incredible school called Guru Nanak School in Hayes, Middlesex UK. We did an assembly with about 400 of the students. Here they are doing Celestial Communications to the Mul Mantra.

The children sing with us the song written by the Siri Singh Sahib, " I am the light of my soul, I am beautiful, I am bountiful, I am bliss, I am, I am!"

Children of the Guru Nanak School sang with us, with so much Piaar (love). It was very beautiful.

Here we are with some of the beautiful women and teachers of the Guru Nanak School, Sukhmani Kaur, a Russian Sikh, is standing with us. She organized our visit to the school. I love the way that God works... through so many different kinds of people. We are truly blessed to witness it.

An earth shaking dhol class at the Guru Nanak School.

GuruGanesha Singh with very inspirational Khalsa men at the Wolverhampton Gurdwara.

Sopurkh Singh and I during a break at the White Tantric Yoga Course in Portland Oregon, USA.

A number of people have come up to me in the past couple of days asking ways in which they can get up early in the morning in the nectar hours, or Amrit Vela. This time is between 4 am and 7 am, and it is a very peaceful time to meditate before the rush of the day starts. A few things that I shared with people from my experience that have helped me are as follows. The first thing is that if you want to get up but are having a hard time, put it in God's hands... and ask God for the help. Feeling guilty never seemed to help me. Actually, my morning practise became very regular because I really enjoyed it... I didn't want to miss a day because it felt so good. Doing a yoga practise really helps, because not only do you feel good in the mind and soul but also the body. So, here's a few practical tips. Go to bed early!!!! In order to do this, you've got to decrease the things that send radio waves through you... like computers, TV, etc because these energy waves are very stimulating and can be disturbing if you are exposed to them to much. When it gets close to the time that you want to go to bed do more relaxing things like spend time with family, read an inspirational book, play music, do artwork, do yoga and meditation, etc. Its also good to eat early and leave yourself at least 2 hours and ideally 3 hours after you eat before you go to bed. Most of acid reflux disease is caused by eating late and going to bed soon after. You can also have a big glass of water before going to bed so that you've got a really good reason to get up when the alarm clock goes off! Anyway... these are just a few things. Remember life is a journey... and as my dearest friend and teacher Shakti Parwha Kaur said to me many times "Never take yourself too seriously and always have the right containers for everthing."

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Celebrate Peace goes to Sweden and Los Angeles.

Here I am with Deva Premal, who is a beautiful channel of sound. She is known all over the world and loved for her service to humanity through sacred chants. We joined her and her life partner Miten in Stockholm Sweden by God's Grace. Actually, Deva Premal and Miten were extremely kind to us. I am hoping to get more pictures of our time with Deva Premal and Miten and share them with you ... it was such a blessing to be with them and to feel the depth of their kindness and generous spirit. Deva Premal is like a big sister to me. I am really grateful for her loving presence in my life.

Grace makes it to Sweden in the hands of two lovely ladies from the Stockholm Gurdwara!

This is the Gurdwara in Stockholm Sweden. It was renovated recently and is very cozy. After Gurdwara and Langar (community meal) people are relaxing and enjoying each other's company.

Here I am with Susheel Kaur. She is a beautiful Khalsa sister from the Gurdwara in Stockholm. Waheguru.

GuruGanesha and I with Hari Jot Kaur, our host in Stockholm Sweden, and owner of Root Light Yoga. She really stuck her neck out to sponsor us, and every event was an absolute success. We are grateful to her beyond words.

Here is a picture of my mother and I at the Bhaisakhi Gurdwara in Los Angeles California. When people ask me who taught me kirtan and how to sing I tell them that it was my mother. Her name is Prabhu Nam Kaur which means the light of God's Name... and truly she embodies this quality not only when she is singing but all of the time.

For those of you who haven't met Sopurkh Singh whom I am blessed to be married to, here's a picture of us together at the Bhaisakhi Gurdwara in Los Angeles California.

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