Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Sat Nam.

Sometimes people ask me why I live in New Mexico. Well, check out this picture and you'll see why. This is the sun setting just behind the Black Mesa which is sacred Indian ground. We can see it from our kitchen window. The public is not allowed to climb it... but it radiates a peaceful energy out and blesses the land and the homes around it.

I'll be on the road tomorrow again, driving up to Colorado for our first series of concerts and a Gurdwara. It has been a few weeks since the last tour... so I've had enough time to relax and rejuvenate. The tour van is in the shop today getting a check up. Hopefully she'll be ready to ride tomorrow. After Colorado the whole gang comes back to New Mexico for our big cd release celebration/concert in Santa Fe and then we'll head on out to Arizona and then California. see for our full schedule.

My prayers go out to everyone in Southern California affected by the fires. We will be dedicating prayers to you throughout this whole tour.

After seeing the movie by Al Gore, an Inconvenient Truth, I have been very inspired to try to lead a zero carbon lifestyle. One of the things that I was always frustrated with was going shopping for food and using so many bags! It is true that you can recyle the paper bags, but each time a paper bag has to get created it takes a large amount of energy. So, my husband and I bought canvas bags that we use every week. My husband was the real champion about remembering to bring the bags shopping.... it took me awhile to get into it. But I am now. I also recently discovered that at the health food store where I go, they allow you to bring containers to buy things in bulk like rice, granola, nuts, and all sorts of things. So, now I bring containers when I want to buy these types of things, and just get the tare weight ahead of time before filling them up. I've saved something like 20 plastic bags in the past couple of weeks! Pretty cool. Also, when I buy produce I don't put the produce in bags. I admit sometimes the potatoes roll around in my basket a bit, but it works out fine. For me, it brings me alot more awareness about what I'm buying, and I tend to buy just what I really want. So... if you are like me and trying to find more ways to incorporate environmental awarness into your daily life, you may be as delighted as I was at discovering some of these little things to do.
The biggest thing we can all do for the environment is vote for candidates who support the environment !!!!!! So, please vote and inspire every one of your friends to vote too.

See you on the tour.

Sat Nam.

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