Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Sat Nam everyone!!!

Well, I know its been a long time since my last entry. Please forgive me. Listen, I have some major news. Word has it that we will be driving around a double decker bus. I kid you not. A great friend and sponsor, Dan from Cellnique, is donating the bus to us for our use. It will have a beautiful design with the words "Peace Has Begun" in alignment with our new partner organization, Project Peace on Earth. It is going to be really exciting. Granted, I have never traveled around in such a large vehicle, but I promise to have pictures and share my experiences with you.

I am working on a new children's album with Krishan. For those of you who have seen us on the raod you will know that Krishan played tabla for us for two years, and then moved to being our sound engineer. Sadly he will not be travelling with us this year, because he is working on our new children's album and other albums. Certainly he is a very talented producer with a bright future. We are having fun here in the studio.

For those of you who love Manish, and were looking forward to meeting Tanmayo, we were unfortunately unable to get their visas in time for the spring tours. He and Tanmayo live in a beautiful ashram in India with their guru, Guru Dev from the Osho tradition. As you know if you ever heard him play tabla, it was like playing over a river. His rhythms are so beautiful, simple, and yet soul stirring. And Tanmayo with her beautiful voice and violin would have been magical. We are still hoping that a tour works out for them in the future, and if something comes through we'll let everyone know about it.

To finish this long over due entry... let me tell you my inspiration for today. This morning I went to Guru Ram Das Ashram in Los Angeles to hear the Hukham, or guidance for the day from our Siri Guru Granth Sahib. These are the words that stayed with me...

"There are two paths to choose from, but always One God." In life there are always choices to make.... just remember whatever choice "you" make.... God is there with you, and has made that choice through you. Live, enjoy, and remember God's Name!

Sat Nam.

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