Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Journey of the Soul
In this blog entry I'm sharing what feels to me to be the journey of the soul. My husband and I are en route to our new home, Espanola New Mexico. We are leaving a beautiful and loving community in Eugene Oregon which is more challenging then I ever imagined it would be. I am however looking forward to our new home in Espanola, and there are many good friends there. My brother, Rishi Parbhaat Singh is also leaving for India soon for his last year at Miri Piri Academy in Amritsar.

My brother Rishi Parbhaat Singh is one of the most kind, loving and honorable guys I know. I send him all of my love and prayers for his soul journey.
My husband and I driving to Boise Idaho, our first stop along our three day drive to Espanola from Eugene.

In the Center
There is no difference
Between Present and Past.
In the Center
There is no difference
Between Right and Wrong.
And so I sit here
In the Center
Feeling my soul
Take its journey
Above the trees, and the mountains
Into the desert.
My heart looks back
Upon the family and friends,
Yearning for the laughter and love
That will never end.
Whispering into me
Into the Center
The wind tells me of the fuure
And the past,
And I am left with
But the

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Celebrate Peace Summer Tour 2006!
Steffanya is a young girl who is fighting cancer. After a children's concert that we gave at a hospital in Edmonton Canada I spent some time with her, her mother and grandmother. Her mother told me that every night Steffanya talks to God. I thought that she would deffinitely be praying to God for help, but her mother said that she instead says thank you to God for all of the blessings in her life. This was so touching to me.
Karta and I are sitting with the sangat in Kamloops Canada.
In Olympia Washington our hosts fed us fresh flowers from their garden.
Can't quite fit it in there....
Mission accomplished!
The Celebrate Peace Tour goes to Ashland!

Here we are in Sacramento doing a children's peace hour at a gathering organized by the Mother's Support Network.
It was a wonderful tour. We really met alot of inspiring people. My favorite story from this tour is from Kamloops Canada. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from it... but here goes. We were hosted by a very sweet family in Kamloops. The mother of the family, Abinash Kaur took us in as her children. She fed us with delicious paranthas, did our laundry, everything. She had a back problem and I remember being shocked as I saw her crawling up the stairs with our laundry in one hand, the other hand supporting her. She would never complain. In fact the first thing she said to me in broken English was, " I never ask God for anything... I just say... if you want it God... fine, that is good. My everything is broken... leg broken, back broken, arm broken, but this (as she patted her heart) not broken. This fine. I am happy." Thank you Abinash Kaur for your wisdom. I'll never forget you.
May Peace Prevail on Earth.
May Peace Prevail in our Hearts.
May Peace Prevail in our Homes.
Over and Out.

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