Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Sat Nam everyone.

It is raining in our new home in Santa Cruz. Foggy, rain. I am so happy!

Lately I have been asking to go deeper into meditation, especially with our 40 day Global Sadhana meditation, Release Fears and Become a Conscious Leader.

Once when I was chanting in the Gurdwara in Los Angeles, at Guru Ram Das Ashram I asked God to take me deeper into the experience. At that moment I had remembered something my teacher Yogi Bhajan taught and that is to focus at the third eye point.

We were chanting "Har Har Waheguru" which essentially means "God God Great is God."

Everyone was chanting together, and it was beautiful. But there was this kind of distracted sense in my mind that would not let me go deeper. I kept thinking of different things and not really having an experience of chanting.

So at that moment I closed my eyes and focused at the third eye point, the point between the eyebrows. I remember asking God, "Can you please take me into your Grace right now?" That is the moment when I went completely into the chanting. I was not chanting, I was the chant. It was an incredible experience full of light and love. Words cannot describe it. It was the touch of the Guru.

I will always remember this moment, the power of sincere prayer and the power of focusing on the third eye.

Yogi Bhajan used to always teach us that we receive everything from God that we ask for. And he said, in those moments of desperation when the human being is really just had enough and is asking for change, that is an incredible time when all things are possible. I have found this to be incredibly true in my life.

Sat Nam.

Love and Blessings,
Snatam Kaur

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Sat Nam!
I am inspired to write these words for the blog this week because of the incredible and victorious practitioners of the Spirit Voyage 40 day Global Sadhana, Release Fear and Become a Conscious Leader! We are on day 17. If you would like to join us please see the following link,

Inner transformation is like being a banana peel in a compost pile. Things get stinky! Either you get stinky or someone else, perhaps your friend who happens to be a decomposing cucumber right next to you. The first step I believe is to accept who we are and what we are going through. We are all going through so many changes! And we cannot resist the change. It is happening with or without our conscious minds accepting it. The thing that gets most of us is the level of change that is required. We change so much! In the same way that a banana peel composts all the way from a tough yellow peel and eventually becomes dirt we are transforming every day in every cell within us.

Lately I have found that it is best to just go with the change. For me this means not judging what I came from and not judging what I am becoming. I find that it is a natural human coping mechanism to make judgements so that we can get from one state to the next. Latley I have been wanting to rise a bit above these judgements and just see the pure change happening in and around me.

This is God's Creation anyway. I am after all His banana peel. If I could ask for anything it would be to become good dirt. Ah sweet dirt, good dirt, dirt that you and I can grow in. Dirt that light, water, and oxygen can get into. That is the ultimate state of being.

God bless you! God Bless us! May we go with the change happening in and around us with love, light, joy, and acceptance.



We are making our final schedule plans for our Costa Rica Retreat, Song of the Self. I feel like it is going to be a blessed week together. There is still space if you would like to come!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Sat Nam everyone. This Gratitude Monday I am grateful for the power of music and poetry! We are calling for all song writers to send us songs for our upcoming children's album in the Sing a Little Song Project and have already received some really beautiful songs. Do you have a song? This is one I wrote yesterday.

Pouring Down

The rain is pouring down, Oh God
Pouring down on me
Your Love is so Infinite
Pouring down on me.

Love finds its way home
And Oh it came to me.
Right inside my heart Sweet Love
Pouring down on me.

We have travelled Oh so far
Now we can just be.
With our hearts open wide P
ouring down from Thee.

by Snatam Kaur

So the latest news from us is that we are settling into Santa Cruz, California! Yay! Our daughter had her first day in her new preschool and it went really well. For first time parents... this is a big deal!! So we are thrilled. We are on day 8 of our 40 Day Global Sadhana, "Release Fears to become a Conscious Leader." You can join any time you like. Sopurkh and I are practicing right along with over 10,000 people from all over the planet. It is such an incredible feeling. You can still sign up for it. Soon we will be in Costa Rica for our Song of the Self Retreat. I am so happy to say that we have enough children signed up for a full fledged children's program with our wonderful teachers Jai Fuller and Parmatma Khalsa. Our family is really looking forward to this special event.

Love, Snatam

Today's photo is by Robin Layton

Monday, February 06, 2012


Sat Nam everyone! This Gratitude Monday is the first day of our Global Sadhana: Release Fear and Become a Conscious Leader. Please see the following link to sign up. Yay!!! This Monday I am grateful to feel how loving oneself in the core of your being gives you the capacity to overcome any challenge and live life in flow and grace.

Ok say it with me right now.

I love myself
I trust myself
I follow the flow of my heart
I am good
Yes I am good
I am Divine

And say it again and again until you believe it.

Believe takes work.

But we might as well start somewhere.

It is this sense of self love that carries the day. Our greatest challenge and our greatest resource in life really is right in our own minds. The energy of our minds effects everything. Mantras are our double plus power sources that give our minds not only positive energy, but really the capacity to balance the positive and negative thoughts to be in a state of neutrality. Neutrality is the state of the Buddha. Neutrality is the state of a mom on any given day when she did the most important job she has...which is to love her family in the midst of life!

That is my story and victory today. We all have a story and a victory every day, every moment.

How do we reach the victory moments?

Let us begin with love...

Love inside....

And see the grace unfold within you.

Love and Blessings,
~Snatam Kaur

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