Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Celebrate Peace Tour visits Yoga House
3634 NW Georgia Avenue
Washington DC
March 8th

Here we are at Yoga House. From left to right: Krishan Prakash, Snatam, and GuruGanesha. You can see Washington DC right in back of us.

Here's GuruGanesha in the "Miracle" Van on the way to Connecticut

Our first 2006 Celebrate Peace concert started off in the capital of the United States, Washington DC. It felt good to be in the capital of the United States sending prayers of peace to our leaders.

We played at Yoga House on 3634 NW Georgia Avenue, just blocks away from where the Golden Temple Restaurant used to be. This is where GuruGanesha first experienced the healing mantra “Guru Guru Waheguru Guru Guru Ram Das Guru” about 30 years ago. He was very touched at the concert because one of the first people he ever met at the Golden Temple Restaurant, Bhagwant Singh, was sitting up in the front row. Back in the early 70’s GuruGanesha had come to DC to take Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s Training, and was dropped off at the restaurant at the back door and told that this was where teacher’s training was being held. He knocked on the back door of the restaurant and Bhagwant Singh, a tall man with a flashing white smile, opened the door.

GuruGanesha said, “I’m here for teacher’s training.” And Bhagwant Singh handed him a mop.

GuruGanesha said, “What’s this? I’m here for Teacher’s Training!”

Bhagwant Singh laughed heartily and said “This is Teacher’s Training!”

He was given the job of dish washer at the restaurant, and did nothing but wash dishes for eighteen hours a day. Needless to say he was disappointed and slightly depressed to be doing this job. But the thing that kept him alive was that every morning at Ahimsa Ashram everyone would gather and chant to Guru Ram Das, and GuruGanesha always had his guitar and would sing with so much love that some mornings he would even cry. One of his friends, the vegetable chopper, pulled him aside one day and said “Hey man, you sing with so much joy in the morning and then come to work looking very depressed. Why don’t you imagine that the sprayer at the dish washing station is your guitar, and just chant to Guru Ram Das.” GuruGanesha took this to heart and began chanting every day while doing dishes. Pretty soon he started feeling great, and actually enjoyed his job. After awhile everyone in the kitchen started to sing with him. The efficiency in the kitchen increased ten fold as everyone worked with so much joy and love. And pretty soon people started coming up to GuruGanesha wanting to do the dishwashing job. Ever since, GuruGanesha has been chanting this mantra and he has shared many stories with us along the way of how it has transformed his life miraculously.

Anyway, we were there just blocks away from where it all started for our dear band mate GuruGanesha, and it was a very magical evening. We rocked the “hallway” as Krishan put it. The room where we performed was a very long and narrow room… and the place was absolutely packed! It was pretty fun. One of the funny moments of the evening was that just before the concert the fire alarm went off at an ear piercing level. Something had set it off, but it wasn’t a fire. Krishan was in the bathroom at the time and when he opened the door to the bathroom to leave some people looked at him accusingly and said, “Were you smoking in there?” Krishan was shocked to be accused of something like that and denied it vehemently. But it still seemed like they didn’t believe him. So, while on stage I set the record straight and let everyone know that Krishan does not smoke.

Karta Kaur, our new sound engineer did a splendid job on the board for us. Being the first night and all was a lot of pressure. There are three things that you don’t want to mess with when it comes to GuruGanesha… his guitar, Kettle Chips (Sea Salt and Vinegar), and the sound system! Needless to say Karta did a great job. Phew!

Well, thanks to the Yoga House crew, and especially to Gurmukh Kaur. We had a great evening. And thanks to the entire Herndon crowd who made a showing.

We’re in the van… and on the road on our way to Connecticut.

May Peace Prevail on Earth.

Over and Out.

That's a cool Story. Thanks for sharing :)
How long is this peace tour. I mean the duration in time. Does this tour also work towards educating americans on Sikhism. I mean do you guys make any presentation on who Sikhs are to diffrentiate them form Hindus and Muslims. Just asking coz, I have such a project in mind. Nothing materialized yet though.
Its so good that you have joined the world of blogging.
I was looking for an opportunity to email you at your main site:

I just wanted to say that I have all of your CDs. Recently, I purchased Mothers Blessing. The included translations sleeve is really excellent.

I've also put snippet/samplers onto our podcast at - outlining where the selections can be purchased. The podcast is in English and I've tried to develop something that is a bridge.

Gurumustuk has kindly given me encouragement and support and for that I'm truly grateful.

Back to the tour - The best of luck.
Any chance on coming to the UK?
We'd really support you over here.

All the best & Peace.
Here's a fave GuruGanesha story from those early restaurant days:

Sundays the restaurant was closed, our only day off in the week. In nice weather we liked to go to parks and pretty places and enjoy the outdoors after living inside the restaurant for 15-20 hours a day the rest of the week.

One time (actually many times! but this one stands out in my mind) a large group of us went to Dumbarton Oaks, an incredible old estate in Georgetown whose grounds and gardens are open to the public. We wandered around the beautiful landscape with GuruGanesha leading us with his guitar, chanting Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru all the way, for a long long time! It was heavenly...

Hope he remembers that too :-)
Gurukarm Kaur
Querida Snatam Kaur:

Deseo felicitarte en primer lugar por la música tan bella que interpretas, siempre con una voz angelical. En segundo término, por éste recién inaugurado blog, en el cual he podido leer acerca del "Peace Tour".

Espero que algún día no muy lejano puedas extender ese tour a latinoamérica, específicamente "CHILE", donde con muchos amigos te estaremos esperando con los brazos abiertos.

Besos y abrazos.

pd: Disculpa que no utilice el idioma inglés, pero no lo manejo muy bien, aunque entiendo leyéndolo me cuesta escribirlo.
Dear Khalsa ji,

Vaheguru ji ka khalsa,
Vaheguru ji ki fatheh!

Congratulations on starting your Peace Tour and your new blog.

Wish you all the best.

We look forward to your visit to Vancouver in July.

- Sikh youth of BC
Now I know you like Bonnie Rait!
I'm so happy you're a blogger.
Great story about how to actually benefit from boring tasks! We are the masters of how we direct our attention, and we can use it to serve others in addition to ourselves. As I wrote at
MAKE EVERYTHING MAGIC - Doing a boring task? No problem, just visualize the love and mindfulness with which you are doing it being applied throughout the universe for all beings.
Or more specifically, may all dishwashers be happy!
Like you said in Ashland a few years ago, Snatam, we meet again.
Much Love and Many Blessings!
if you have time, id love to hear about your daily routine
Sat Nam,

I'm happy to be a part of the mission!!

We are exicitedly looking forward to your arrivial to Michigan.

There was certainly a lot of love at the concert on Long Island last night. I am so grateful to have shared the experience with all who were there especially my baby in Namrita's belly. Thanks again.

Sat Nam
Dear Snatam

I have 'discovered' your music and share it continually - to my yoga teacher especially - now she plays it in our class. I understand yoga is usually done without music but your album 'Prem' only adds to the concentration of the poses through the mantras. I cannot express how much your music has touched my life at all times and moods of the day.
If you would like to use some of my nature photographs to express your work please let me know. They can be viewed at:
1. just click on 'search': 2. then: 'professional search' and 3. type in: 'warren field' Then click 'search images'.

Contact me if you find something you like.

Best regards.
Wonderful to see your blog! I send you mountains of light, oceans of love and an endless cool breeze of blessing! [:-)
Snatam Kaur,
i think you are amazing, and i really look upto you. i love your music and have all of your cds. The gurbani can always calm me down and give me a peace of mind. I was so happy to know a few weeks back that you are visiting my khalsa school! i am looking forward to meeting you soon!
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
Amrita Kaur
Respected Snatam Kaur ji, Guru Ganesha singh ji, & Krishan Prakash ji.
Thanks you very much for your presence in our city toronto, and specially at our Healing Arts centre (3600-A Laird Rd, Mississauga). The experience is endless, countless, infinite, (no words can explain the feelings). Your PRESENCE is well enough to spread GURUJI'S message of love, peace and Sikhism. Thank you again from all of us.
GuruJi's Sevadaar
Purshotam Singh
Sat Nam Snatam Kaur
will be very nice to see the band in London,tell me if is your intention to play in UK.
were u in UK in 1992 when Yogi Bhajan ji and jatha came over. I think i remember u...not sure if it was u bhenji but the bhenji i remember had a very wierd preference of banana in parshaada! haha!
Being at Snatam's Peace Concert was a great oasis for me - giving me lasting inspiration. Thanks to all of you for your support of our work.
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