Monday, March 20, 2006


Eric Wenzel of Global Peace Works receives a $1,000 Grant from Peace Cereals.

People chanting for peace.

Here I am...singing, singing, singing!

A beautiful photo of people praying for peace.

Here's Krishan Prakash doing his great harmonies while playing tabla.

Here is Karta Kaur. She is our sound engineer, store manager, and the most healthy eater I have ever met in my life. Our friend Mahan Rishi Singh called her a "sprouted angel"...I'd have to agree.

Kundalini Yoga East
873 Broadway
Suite 614
New York, NY 10003

If you’ve ever heard the term “Mercury in Retrograde” I felt like we experienced it on our way to New York. Apparently there is a planetary alignment that occurs for about three weeks, three times a year. During this time there can be problems with things like communication and transportation. If you’re on tour this can be a challenge.

As we pulled out of the Kripalu Center in Lennox MA at 8 am in the morning on our way to the “Big Apple” everything seemed perfectly fine. I sat in the back seat munching on a nice juicy apple…hey what a coincidence! Just kidding…please don’t mind my Gemini sense of humor. That morning we were all in good spirits. But then the moment that changed our day occurred when Krishan noticed that a cop was trying to pull us over. We all quickly made sure we had our seat belts on, and I’d like to just say for the record because I know that my dearest friend and mother of 3HO Shakti Parwha Kaur would be happy to know that I had mine on! Anyway the cop came to our car and took a look at our driver Krishan and smiled. Fortunately he looked like a nice guy. Well he proceeded to inform us that we could not travel on the road we were on with a trailer, and wrote us a $150 ticket. He told us that we had to take another route and get off of this road as soon as possible. So, that made us very late for our journey to Kundalini Yoga East. On top of that by the time we made it to the “Big Apple” no garage in the vicinity of Kundalini Yoga East would take our trailer. Fortunately GuruGanesha decided to bribe one garage worker with a $20 bill, and he gladly took it. Apparently this is a common practice in New York. I feel like a country girl. Oh well.

With all of that craziness, I have to say that the concert at Kundalini Yoga East was one of the most peaceful experiences I have ever had. After five concerts, we really have come together musically. But, there was something about the challenges of getting their that really seemed to bring us all together.

That evening we had the honor of giving our first Peace Cereal Grant of $1,000 to an organization called “Global Peace Works”. This is an incredible organization that brings people of different faiths together to work on humanitarian projects. Their latest project was the building of a community center in the slums of New Delhi. They brought together Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Sikhs, and people of other faiths for this project. They all rolled up their sleeves and worked side by side to complete this very difficult task. The director of the organization, Eric Wenzel, was at our concert to receive the grant. I am very inspired by their work. The most powerful work that we can do on this planet is the work that brings us together in service. The fact that this organization is absolutely dedicated to this is inspiring beyond words. If you are interested in learning more about their work, or taking part in some of the projects please visit their website at:

A big thank you goes out to Peace Cereals for being so generous with their profits. For those of you who don’t know, 10% of the profits made from the sale of Peace Cereals go to organizations like Global Peace Works. In fact, we have the honor of giving four more grants on our March/April tour. That is pretty cool. It is my prayer that anyone reading this will be inspired to live their lives, and/or run their business like Peace Cereals has chosen to do. I truly believe that in giving we receive more.

And of course a big thank you to Sat Jiwan Singh and Sat Jiwan Kaur who are the directors of Kundalini Yoga East. We had a blissful time.

May Peace Prevail On Earth.

Over and Out.

New York City loves you! Please come back soon.
snatam, we are teaching peacemaking science
can we invite you to south france here::- science of grail tour::
you look radiant there
what does yoga, kundalini yoga at that, have to do with the Panth of Guru Nanak Sahib? How do American Sikhs justify the re-hinduization and distortion of the Khalsai trasditions?
do not take my comments personally, I understand that there are much greater factors involved, besides the followers of Yogi Bhajan... I am simply interested in enagaging in a seriosu/critical discourse in between Sikhs (punjabi and american, and also within their respective communities).
Dear Snatam,
Guru Fateh.
Just got e mail. While cheking links had a tour of spain and U.K
Thank you
Dr Sandhar
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