Friday, March 17, 2006


Here's "Miracle" parked outside of Sanctuary Yoga. Loading and Unloading the van is about a two hour process.

Torrington Connecticut
Sanctuary Yoga

As you can see from the picture we’ve got a big van with a UHAUL trailer. Thank God for that trailer... it’s really making it possible to carry everything in a slightly organized way. About five people from Sanctuary Yoga greeted us upon our arrival and everyone got to work setting everything up as quickly as possible. They don’t really get a lot of musical performers in Torrington… so everyone was really excited to have us. We were rushing around to get set up and they were really excited to have us. The combination made for a very energetic group of people! As it turned out we got set up with plenty of time to eat dinner… which was great.

The concert was a wonderful success. There were many people in the crowd who just seemed to really love to chant with us. At one point I just listened and enjoyed all of the harmonies coming from the audience. We really reached a magical point in the evening as we chanted “Hari”. That was when my heart really opened.

Thank you to all at Sanctuary Yoga and to our friend Brett and his wife who is expecting a child soon. We really enjoyed our time in Torrington.

In response to some of the comments on the blog...

Someone asked how long we were going to be on the Celebrate Peace Tour. That's kind of like asking "how long are you going to be alive?" To me this tour is a real mission of service. Perhaps there will be other people that will take it up, and perhaps the name will change. Perhaps even this tour has been already happening in some other format. Our purpose is to serve and uplift people through the healing power of the sacred chants and words of the Sikh faith. In the process people will come to know who we are. But, our main objective is to spread the light of peace as it was given by our Guru's through our sacred music. My personal example in this endeavor is my spiritual teacher Siri Singh Sahib ji, Yogi Bhajan, who brought me to the feet of my Guru. Yogi Bhajan constantly served people of all faiths, of all walks of life. He cared more about serving other people then he did for his own physical body. My good friend told me a story once about Yogi Bhajan that totally inspired me. Yogi Bhajan lay in a hospital bed after undergoing intense surgery. A couple of nurses came in to check on him. While checking on him one of the nurses mentioned to the other nurse that she needed to figure out how to get home that day...something had happened to her car. To their surprise Yogi Bhajan opened his eyes and said that he could ask his driver to take her home. This was his way. He served people no matter what. So, in our small way we are serving no matter what. Stay tuned to this blog and I will do my best to show you where we go and what we do. I pray that Sikhs and people of all faiths will be inspired in some way... to reach out to eachother and serve matter what.

We are going to Europe in late May/Early June. We will be in the London area going to many Gurdwaras the weekend of May 25,26,27. Details of this tour will be on my website ( within the next three weeks. If you would like to get in touch with our sponsor please contact our tour manager: Akal Sahai Singh at:

We will be going to Latin America in 2007. I read the comment in Spanish as best I could. I would like to say thank you for such a beautiful message, and pray that by the time we make it to Latin America that we have at least a few songs in Spanish.

And for the comment about GuruGanesha playing guitar in the park... thank you for that beautiful story.

May Peace Prevail On Earth.

Over and Out.

Wahe Guru!! Dear Snatam Kaur: my name is Paramjot Singh and I've discovered your blog through a friend of mine, Sukwinder Singh, who recently wrote in spanish. We've discovered Yogi Bhajan and kundalini yoga nearly two years ago and since then we've been sincerely and deeply touched by your music and spirit. I am thrilled that you plan to travel to Latin America next year and I can tell you that it will be a really magic experience if it happens!! We are certainly lookin forward to seeing you here in Chile!!! Thanks a lot for the wonderful message you and your friends send to everyone whose lives have been changed by Yogi Bhajan's lessons. Sat Nam.
Hi Dearest Snatam, It is so nice to be able to hear what your up to. I feel like your not so far away. Cant wait till you are back in Eugene. See you then. :)
More pictures! More pictures! It's fun to see and hear the lessons and tests you're going through. For me, to remember to serve when I'm not feeling connected to God is a powerful lesson. The action of serving connects me to God. I feel love when I serve. I enjoy hearing what you are experiencing and being reminded of while on this tour. Why do you like Bonnie Rait and the other artists you mentioned? Sat Nam.
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