Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Celebrate Peace goes to Sweden and Los Angeles.

Here I am with Deva Premal, who is a beautiful channel of sound. She is known all over the world and loved for her service to humanity through sacred chants. We joined her and her life partner Miten in Stockholm Sweden by God's Grace. Actually, Deva Premal and Miten were extremely kind to us. I am hoping to get more pictures of our time with Deva Premal and Miten and share them with you ... it was such a blessing to be with them and to feel the depth of their kindness and generous spirit. Deva Premal is like a big sister to me. I am really grateful for her loving presence in my life.

Grace makes it to Sweden in the hands of two lovely ladies from the Stockholm Gurdwara!

This is the Gurdwara in Stockholm Sweden. It was renovated recently and is very cozy. After Gurdwara and Langar (community meal) people are relaxing and enjoying each other's company.

Here I am with Susheel Kaur. She is a beautiful Khalsa sister from the Gurdwara in Stockholm. Waheguru.

GuruGanesha and I with Hari Jot Kaur, our host in Stockholm Sweden, and owner of Root Light Yoga. She really stuck her neck out to sponsor us, and every event was an absolute success. We are grateful to her beyond words.

Here is a picture of my mother and I at the Bhaisakhi Gurdwara in Los Angeles California. When people ask me who taught me kirtan and how to sing I tell them that it was my mother. Her name is Prabhu Nam Kaur which means the light of God's Name... and truly she embodies this quality not only when she is singing but all of the time.

For those of you who haven't met Sopurkh Singh whom I am blessed to be married to, here's a picture of us together at the Bhaisakhi Gurdwara in Los Angeles California.

At last after many2 centuries we are seeing you again, and introducing Veer Sorpurkh Singh ji . We have seen you but not Veerji. He should have been the Centre figure in the photo & not hide hide... (Looks like Shy & Quiet person). Hope you are not offened, incase it is I beg for pardon. Anyhow Thanks to Veer Gurumustuk Singh for informing about ur new article.
Dear Harpal Singh,

Sat Nam! I will post many more pics of Sopurkh Singh...


Its nict to be back blogging.
lovely pics Snatam. Nice to see other Kaurs around the world...amazing to see how many people Guru Ji grants His grace to. Vaheguru!! (oh PS really nice to see a pic of your mum, Prabhu Nam, I really like ur cd you sing with your mum, i hope you do another one together, its beautiful!!) SAT NAM!!
Dear Snatam Kaur:

¡Sat Nam!

I`m so glad to see you again in your blog with pictures and news about Celebrate Peace Tour in Sweden this time. I thought that you had boring to write, but wow, ¡sorprise! when i check the blog.

I´d like you put in you blog some photos of the concert that you´ll present in Europe.

Thanks again for sharing with us beutiful and personal pictures, about your mother Prabhu Nam Kaur and husband Sopurkh Singh.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.
Dear Snatam,
I have a question, are you amritdhari? Just curious because you seem like you are I'm just not sure. I really love your Simran. I listen to it every single day! I especially love Ek Onkar. Can you post a picture of you daughter? I would love to see her! Thank you Snatam ♥
Zareen Kaur
Sat Nam Zareen Kaur,
Yes, Snatam is an amritdhari.
I hope you have seen the many cute pictures of Jap Preet that have been posted more recently.
Thank you,
Simrit Khalsa
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