Monday, September 11, 2006

A Call for Prayer

We are on the Celebrate Peace Tour. This is our day off, and so I get a chance to write on my blog. We have about one day per week where we don't schedule anything. On our day off we all do our laundry, pay bills, relax, or whatever else we need to do.

On this day five years ago I watched the news coverage and felt the horror along with people from around the world at the site of the World Trade Center being hit by airplanes. Over and over again these images were played on the news. I felt a sense of dispair that seemed to enrapture the whole country and fill my heart. Finally for me, the spell was broken when I attended an interfaith prayer for peace. In Eugene we gathered in a large church and each faith brought a powerful prayer. In my own heart it was a ray of light and hope, as it allowed all of us to not only pray for peace, but reach out to eachother in those dark times. I know that the power of prayer is real. If you feel any sense of dispair in remembering the events of September 11, I encourage you to join me, in whatever your faith is, and pray. I know that our prayers are still needed, not only for the families who lost loved ones on that day, but for the families that continue to loose loved ones because of a war that still goes on.

Here is my prayer.

May the love and light of the Great God, the Great Goddess, Waheguru
Find its way into the heart of humanity
So that we may awaken
To our infinite capacity
To be strong
To carry on
To heal
And to overcome.
May Peace Prevail on Earth.
Sat Nam.

Our Southwest tour is going great. We have a few more days in San Diego, and then make our way to Phoenix, Tuscon, and then Boulder and Denver. We had our big Anand cd release concert at Golden Bridge in Los Angeles. GuruGanesha, Krishan Prakash and I had been practising the week before the concert and learning all of the new pieces on the Anand album. Even though I had worked on the pieces in the studio with Thomas, bringing them to the live experience was an opportunity to really grow. The Anand cd recording is at such a high standard musically that it really called us to bring our level up. We really worked hard to prepare for the concert... and admittedly I had butterflies in my stomach.

People seemed to enjoy it.... you never know if it was "good"... but I felt good about it. The new pieces from Anand really have a beautiful energy and I'm really looking forward to delivering them at our future events.

My husband flew out for the evening, and I got to give him flowers on stage for his amazing work with the artwork for Anand.

Here are some pictures from that night at Golden Bridge.

If you'd like to order the album Anand or see our tour schedule please visit

All of us here in Phoenix/Scottsdale are looking forward to your concert at the ASU Kerr Cultural Center in Scottsdale this Saturday the 16th of September. We're nearly sold out already! You'll love this venue; very intimate. Can't wait to hear songs from the new CD!
See you Saturday,
Sat Nam,
Yogi Jim
Thank you, Snatam, for sharing your heart and your gifts with all of us at the Golden Bridge in L.A. this past week. I too felt butterflies in anticipation of your performance, so the physical manifestation, although not from the same origin, was mutual! Your peaceful demeanor and sweet voice, Guru Ganesha's light-heart and amazing guitar work, Krishan Prakash's positive, beautiful energy and drumming created a memorable and transcendent experience for me and my partner Christiane; she and I love you all! Inviting your husband to the stage was sweet; you are a beautiful couple together, many blessings!
Sat Nam,
snatam! i had no idea the peace tours were so international. i really liked reading your blogs and seeing the pictures. it was great having you in tucson. good luck on the rest of your tour, and your future tours. much love, simrit.
Snatam - Thanks for an amazing concert in Scottsdale. I had such an amazing spiritual experience - so much love and light. I brought my 7 year old daughter along - she was so excited. After the first song, she completely collapsed onto my lap and said, "I'm SO tired!" Then, she proceeded to sleep through the concert. (Side note: In an effort to make her more comfortable, I made a little bed for her to lay down under the piano on the main floor - not realizing that she was on the main power cord to the stage! So, she was your power outage. :) Anyway, after the concert she woke up and said, "That was such a great nap! Can I come to another concert?" Then, I commented about how she was so tired after the first song & she said, "Yeah, I was so tired and it was really weird, because I felt like my body was leaving me." I tried my best to explain meditation, etc. to her. Then, she said she'd like to have her own church when she grows up where they have meditation sleepovers. Maybe we can try that next time you're in town. :) Love, Kelly
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