Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I am enroute for our next tour. This is a picture of me in the Denver airport taken by me just moments ago. I kind of feel like a techy:)

We'll be going to the North East of the United States and dipping into Canada. Today I decided to bring my own travel mug to the airport. In Albuquerque I went to a breakfast stand and asked if they could use my mug instead of a paper cup. The guy at the cash register looked at me as if I was crazy and seemed to take some pleasure in telling me that it was against their policy. When I said, "But, I'd like to do it for the environment, save a tree, you know what I mean?" He shook his head, rolled his eyes and looked to his co worker who put her hands up in the air and said, "its the policy!"

Who ever heard of a policy like that? When will our government and our companies start creating policies to protect the environment? I've asked that question many times, and the answer keeps coming back to me... when it makes money. There are alot of companies out there making money on saving the environment and its big business. Perhaps there are people from other countries reading this blog, and I urge you to be responsible also. We can no longer ignore the problem of Global Warming, and we cannot in our right minds leave an environmental hazard to our children. If we don't collectively change our habits we will see an environmental hazard in just fifty years. I'm going for the "collective" part of it. I figure even if that guy in the Albuquerque airport who told me it was company policy to only serve drinks out of their cups thinks I'm crazy, at least I got to communicate to him the word "environment." Maybe someone else will communicate to him too... and maybe someday he won't think I was crazy.

Good news is that in Denver (my layover city) I handed my mug over to a lady at a bagel shop and asked her to fill it up with hot water. I tried to go for a more direct approach... and it worked. Try and try again. At least I saved one cup on this airport journey.
Airports are kind of bland at times. But, today I'm blessed that a brave guy has taken out his guitar and is playing just a few feet away from me. Its a nice sound, and I'm glad he kind of broke through the normal operating procedure... which is to sit down, wait for your airplane, don't look at anyone, and or use a bunch of paper cups and plates eating some fast food that you'd rather not know what the ingredients are.

Anyway, now you see a picture of me in the airport, and hopefully you have a sound track in mind.

May Peace Prevail On Earth

Over and Out

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Rock on Sister! Next time I'm in the ALB airport, I'm going to do the same thing. I didn't realize that you were so passionate about the environment. It's so inspiring to see people who consatly make an effort to heal the world in so many different ways. You always have my blessing and support.
I'm guessing it's their policy because they want their cups out there as advertisements, which leads back to making money. I hope we can all together come up with many ways to make money that is in harmony with the environment.
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Hello Snatam!

We, George and I are doing the same since you mentioned about the cups. We are also taking to go containers from home, when we go out to eat or to the movies for pop corn. Did you know that today is a very special day until 1.17 a.m. every thought will be amplified intensely a million-fold. It started today at 10.17, it is a 17th hour event. An ultraviolet (UV) pulse beam radiating from higher
dimensions will cross paths with the Earth on this day. So lets think Peace in the world. About "collectively" it works, you are reaching many through this blog. Even if it works one at the time. as the japanese say... gambate kudasai.
sat nam, ji I'm looking forward to seeing you in Ann Arbor. A number of us from the sangat in Kalamazoo, Michigan plan to come...we're half way between Detroit and Chicago...and I've been asked to extend an invitation for you to visit on your way to Chicago. Your story inspires me to think about how we could make langar more environmently friendly. gurubhagti kaur
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