Monday, October 23, 2006


Our first leg of the Celebrate Peace Tour of October/November 2006 is Ottawa. We have actually been here four times if you can believe it! The first time we were sponsored by Rama Lotus and it was just GuruGanesha and I. Now we've got the "crew"... which includes Krishan Prakash, Karta, and our newest member Ramdass Singh. Ramdass is an incredible musician, who I grew up with in the Berkeley/San Francisco area. He plays clarinet, guitar, and sings. He is interning with us... and really helping out so much. He does a great impersonation of a funny Russian guy called "Uri" and it has kept me laughing, belly laughs. Anyway... here are some pictures taken by Harimander Singh, courtesy of

We attended Peace Prayer Day in Ottawa this last Saturday. We had children from Club Yoga come up and sing with us. I love this picture with the little boy who just went right up to Krishan Prakash and asked if he could sit in his lap.
Here are one of the presenters at the Peace Prayer Day Celebration. It is inspiring to see what some people are doing for peace on the planet.
Peace is possible. A number of peace organizations came to Peace Prayer Day to display and offer ways that people can get involved.

Here we are at our Celebrate Peace Concert Saturday evening.

At the end of the concert we got a standing ovation.

Here are two of the strong volunteers that helped out... Devinder Kaur and Ram Das Kaur.

Here's the newest star to the Celebrate Peace Tour... Ramdass Singh... giving us a "Uri" smile.

Sat Nam Sweetheart -

Great photos! I love seeing what you're doing!

Great blog! We enjoyed seeing you in Ottawa.

Just a correction in your lastest blog:
Harimander Singh's website should read

Looking forward to seeing you again
in Ottawa. Keep up the good work.
Sat Nam Snatam and Jatha,

A big heart filled thank you to you, GuruGanesha, Krishan, Karta and Ram Dass for another amazing weekend filled with concerts, workshops and beautiful memories.

We feel blessed to have been the first city on your tour. We wish you much fun and success with the tour. You're all doing a great service!

See you at Winter Solstice and back in Ottawa again soon.

Be well,
Devinder Kaur, Chandlar (GuruChander Singh) and Jo (GuruInder Kaur).
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