Monday, December 04, 2006

Here's a beatiful little girl named Ava from the Singh family. She came up on stage to help us out with our children's section of the concert. We are very grateful to the Singh family for helping us to get the word out about our weekend in the Virginia Beach area, and for hosting a beautiful Gurdwara program at their home.
Here's a picture of us at the concert at the A.R.E. center. I know that you've seen enough of me.... just putting it in here so that my husband can see how I look. Sometimes the tour is so transformational, I joke around with my husband that when I get home and he's picking me up at the airport I'll be six feet tall.
Here's Guru Bandha Singh, and his mom Atma Kaur, with his sister Guru Tara Kaur. We are staying with them and totally enjoying all of the good food, good yogi tea, and pure coziness and positivity.

We started off our tour in the Virginia Beach area which is in the southeast corner of Virginia… in the United States, and on the planet earth… in case you were wondering where we are. If you really want details, I’m sitting in a Panera’s restaurant writing this blog, catching up on emails, and having “Oh my God… you won’t believe this email” conversations with the rest of the guys in the band. Everyone’s got their little spot. I think GuruGanesha and Krishan have both already ordered two meals here. I’ve had a cup of tea and an apple. Our host, Atma Kaur is making a wonderful meal tonight. I’ve got a small appetite… and really want to eat her good food. I know that the guys will have no problem. They can eat!


I’d like to share a little bit about this weekend. We had our concert and two workshops at a center called A.R.E… which stands for the Association for Research and Enlightenment. The founder of this association is Edgar Casey. Edgar Casey was able to do “readings”… essentially he would go into a trance like state and give readings to people in this state, addressing everything from health questions to the meaning of life questions. In the readings he would give people treatments and gave them many of the wholistic health care concepts that were unheard of at that time, but are more widely practiced now by medical doctors. He saved many lives. He also talked about reincarnation and a person’s Akashic record. The Akashic record is well known in Indian yogic traditions, but he just tapped into it from his own awareness. I really find this fascinating and cool. For those of you who have never heard of the Akashic record, I will do my best to give a brief explanation. The Akashic record is recorded for each human being. It records every thought and action, and it also tells every future action and a person’s destiny. You can access the Akashic records by going into a deep meditative state. Very few people on this planet have that capacity to see the Akashic record, but it is well known in many yogic traditions of India. Edgar Casey was able to access the Akashic record and in this way he was able to treat people of physical, mental, or even spiritual disease. Many of his readings have been saved. The readings that really speak to a universal experience are available in books for the public. Also Edgar Casey really taught about the importance of love and respect for all faiths. So at the A.R.E. there is the world’s second largest metaphysical library, offering books from many different faiths.

Edgar Casey was so dedicated to the mission of service that he often wouldn’t charge anything for these readings. At times he and his wife lived in poverty. There is a flourishing organization that continues his work.

Anyway, pretty cool stuff. If you are interested in learning more you can check out the following web address.

I would like to give a very special thank you to Tracy, Atma Singh and Atma Kaur who organized a very magical weekend for us.

How tall are you now?
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You really have a very nice voice :)
You really have a nice voice

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