Thursday, December 28, 2006

I have some photos of Winter Solstice. I hope you enjoy them. Merry Christmas everyone! My husband and I were travelling home on Christmas day. In the Orlando airport just after security we saw a small chapel where there was Mass. We stopped in to meditate and pray. I really loved being able to do this. Please enjoy this special time of Christmas, New Year... and Guru Gobind Singh's birthday coming up.
During a break in White Tantric Yoga I took a couple of pictures. It is beautiful to see pictures of it while people are actually practising it. For photos like this see: I couldn't take pictures because I did all three days. It was incredibly rejuvanating and healing. I feel so incredibly grateful for this science of yoga that the Siri Singh Sahib left us. As you know, on the last leg of the tour I got sick with a flu. After a full year of touring, seven tours total, and recovering from being sick, I felt that White Tantric Yoga healed me mentally, physically and spirtually. After doing it I felt a deep cleanse.... and light and love.
Here is my husband and I during the break... one of those pictures where you're still talking when the click goes off.
There we go...
Here are some good friends of ours... Dharampal Singh and his wife Ardas Kaur. They sat next to us on the first day of White Tantric Yoga.

This is the Gurdwara at Winter Solstice. During Winter Solstice there are morning Gurdwaras every day that are very sweet. There is also an Akaand Paath, or continuous reading of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib (our Guru) that takes about three days. Everyone in the camp has an oppourtunity to sign up and read. They have the option of reading in English or in Gurumukhi. There is also a Rainsabhai one of the evenings, which is an all night kirtan. This year there were so many incredible musicians who came to play. I was really blown away. There is also a special Christmas eve Gurdwara which I always love because it feels like a celebration of the completion of three days of White Tantric Yoga.

Cute picture, especially the one with the eyes open! Believe it or not your eyes look like Sopurkh’s to me, but then the camera see’s differently then the eye.

White Tantric is truly an uplifting experience and much needed this year, things seem to hit at me from all directions during the year and was quite challenging all around, so this was a break from that, and hopefully the start of controlling my own environment through the knowledge gained during Solstice.

Of interest, there was a Bald Eagle that flew over the Gurdwara at 7:00 a.m. last Tuesday. It was definitely cool, I have seen many in my years, but still a thrill none the less, especially seeing one in central FL, the person I was talking to at the time was in awe as it was his first sighting ever. Is that a Bald Eagle? Oh yes! It just silently glided past.

Hum next year will have to wander down to Sebastian, for some reason had set my sights just south of there before Solstice, not knowing about the Ashram, was going to go to Vero Beach but never made it there.

The Gurdwara was definitely the place to be, it kind of finished me off after a wonderful WT.

Christmas is a great day for travel…

Sat Nam… Wahe Guru
Sat Nam… Wahe Guru
Sat Nam… Wahe Guru
Sat Nam… Wahe Guru
Sat Nam… Wahe Guru
Sat Nam… Wahe Guru
Speaking of watching your thoughts...

There is an interesting movie you can watch over the internet, pay per
view, and if you like it well enough you get a discount for the
DVD. Someone
mentioned this movie during a discussion group in a class in response
to a question I had. The basic message in the movie seemed to be the
underlying theme of every class I took this year at Solstice! Amazing, but I came
looking for answers. Its a little like "What the Bleep"
In response to the comment about the movie called "The Secret"...

it is an amazing movie. It really had so many insites, and reminded me of many of the Siri Singh Sahib's teachings. My husband and I really enjoyed watching it, and I found myself really being able to apply some of the basic principals mentioned in the movie because of how well they were communicated. I highly recommend this movie to anyone living life!
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