Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year! May we take each breath in gratitude, may we live in our center, may we be filled with the Divine Sound Current of God's Name, may our hearts be full and our gifts plenty.

I am enjoying some time off here in New Mexico. As you may know we have had alot of snow. It is unbelievably beautiful. The other day I took some pictures to document this absolutely amazing natural wonder. I hope you enjoy....

Here is my husband Sopurkh Singh after shoveling snow off of our roof. I had seen snow shovels before... but never really appreciated them until now. Its alot of hard work and it really helps to have a wide shovel like this.
Sopurkh and I took a walk on the beautiful snow covered desert plane near our house. It is just before sun set. You can see the beautiful moon in the sky, and our two shadows in the snow.

Here is the sun setting over the Black Mesa, a sacred site for the local Native Americans.

This series of pictures reminds me of a quote I just heard from Yogi Bhajan that went something like this... " As a spirtual teacher I am the setting sun, and you are the rising sun. That's why I have to tell you to rise, to keep up... its a law of nature."

And so the sun has set on last year and we begin our journey into 2007. May we journey on the road of love, light, truth, and purity.

Happy New Year!

Oh no, more snow.... we've enough here in Edmonton. I wish it would just go away.. If you love it so much, you should've stayed here little more after your July concert. We've had snow even in August.. next time we'll have you here in winter, you'll never love it again. Wanna trade places? ha..ha.
i think I saw Guru Ganesh Singh @ Washington D.C airport on Dec 27th. Was he there?
Beautiful pictures - thank you for sharing them. Wishing you and your family much peace.
Just as I read the Yogi Bhajan quote and started looking at these picures, "Long time Sun" came on. It was as if it was cued. Really beautiful. I'm looking foward to your upcoming NY concert.- Lori

Sat Nam
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