Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sat Nam.

Today's blog entry is a prayer... a prayer that I have been saying for myself. If you wish to say it for yourself please do so as well.

May the pure vibration of my soul
Attract all events in my life
So that I may vibrate in the purity of my soul's radiance.
May the Guru's feet be on my forehead
That I may always remember
That He is with me.
May each day, each breath
Be a celebration of God
And let God manifest through me.

Let Thy Will be done.

Sat Nam.

What a beautiful prayer! I just found your blog while I was looking for the spelling of "shanti" in devanagari.


Hello Snatam Kaur

I am sorry I dont understand the texts of your songs. But your voice expresses high harmony and really touches my mind.

I saw the photos with Jesus and Maria on your blog and wondered, what is the connection between your Sikh and the Christian believe.

I tried to get a contact through www.mrsikhnet.com with a naive but sincere comment on Yoga but got no response.

I am a Roman Catholic but I dont restrict my search of the Light of God by just going to Mass and reading the Bible. I believe God has talked to all mankind, so I believe you have contact with God too.

To understand the contradicting and partly not loving messages in the Bible and in the Quran, I look for answers seeking the minimum common rule in several religions.

Could you help me, by sharing your ópinion about the Prophet Jesus message and your Sikh Gurus. This is of course a long story but just to help me, even links can be a guide for me.

You may be very busý in your tour, so answer if you can and when you feel to. I am happy whatever you decide.

May God be with you, your family and spiritual friends.


You may read my thoughts on aeolians.blogspot.com
I like the thought of the Guru's feet on my forehead. No escaping the Presence. Which helps us to celebrate God each day. In the Lakota tradition that I have read about, this is said by White Buffalo Calf Woman, who brought the teachings: "The Earth is our Grandmother and Mother. She is sacred. Every step upon Her should be as a prayer."
Sat Nam, Bobcat
Hello. I´m Rafa, from Spain. I talk Spanish, so write in English is very dificult for me.
I only wont to say about Snatam´s music that is the most beautiful music for inspiration and meditation. I´m teacher of Kundalini Yoga and in this last White Tantra I buy the album "Anand" and I´m listening it very times. In my class I put a lot of the albums of Snatam that I have (Shanti, Grace, The Heaven and Belong, Prem and Anand) and very people said that this music have the power of "clean the soul".
Sorry for my very bad english and I send a kiss for yours.
Sat Nam.
Amen Sister. God Bless You!

I look forward to your return to the Atlanta area.
Hey Snatam hope you are well, I thought I'd give you links the the San Diego concert that I filmed, it was such a pleasure hearing your voice I never got to meet you in London but Ram Dass remembered me and GuruGanesha. Hopefully when you tour again! Here are the links enjoy!


Satnam Waheguru

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