Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sat Nam everyone!

Greetings from New York!

Here I am with Sat Kirn Kaur. She lives here in Brooklyn New York with her husband Siri Vishnu Singh. She has made a beautiful cd that I listen to every morning. It is called Mangala Charan. It is the introduction to one of the most beautiful and epic poems called Jaap Sahib by the tenth Guru of the Sikhs... Guru Gobind Singh. Within the up tempo and fun music of Sat Kirn's cd (produced by Thomas Barquee) Yogi Bhajan's voice is interwoven masterfully... as he talks about the Mangala Charan and what it can do for you. When I'm on the road I do a yoga set for the immune system which is very difficult to motivate myself to do... but this cd that she made just does it for me. If you would like to find out more about Sat Kirn see: www.satkirn.com, or check out www.spiritvoyage.com.

I wish that I had some pictures from this morning. We had a beautiful morning sadhana at the Guru Ram Das Ashram in Brooklyn New York. As the sun rose in the living room packed with people we sang to Guru Ram Das. Nothing gets better then this for me.

This past weekend we had a children's singing hour and two concerts at Golden Bridge New York. That was fun... its amazing.... but this new center which is related to the Golden Bridge in Los Angeles has very similar energy to its sister center. I really enjoyed being there. We also went to two Gurdwaras in Richmond Hill this Sunday. That was a fun kind of situation.... lots of people and lots of Raagi Jathas waiting to play. Manish has only been to one other Gurdwara with us... in Sweden. It is really interesting bringing someone into a Gurdwara who has never been before.... because they see it from a very innocent place. I have really enjoyed having Manish with us because when I speak to people about the Sikh faith and way of life I am aware of Manish sitting next to me on the stage. This has helped me to be very aware of what I am saying, and really say it in the spirit of Guru Nanak, with universal acceptance and truth. Some of you may want to know the story with Manish and how we started playing with him....

Well here it is....

Last year just before we went to Europe, Krishan Prakash informed us that he couldn't come to play tabla with us because his mother's health wasn't so good. We really had alot of compassion for him.... since that time his mother has actually left her body... so I'm glad that he got that time with her. Needless to say we had to find a tabla player for that tour... and so we contacted our friends Deva Premal and Miten who play very beautiful devotional music for audiences around the world. They told us about Manish and he happened to be available for our concert in Sweden. Manish literally walked in just in time for a small sound check before the concert and then we played together. GuruGanesha and I were amazed. Playing with him felt like being on a river... the music just flowed, and the rhythm ebbed and curved with our music very gently and beautifully. We enjoyed it so much that we asked him if he could stay with us for the rest of our European tour. He was able to come to Spain where we had 900 people waiting to hear us. I am so grateful to Manish that he was there with us because his playing and presence really helped us to deliver a beautiful energy that night that was in complete honor to the mission of Guru Nanak. We received a ten minute standing ovation.

After that we returned home to our regular touring team. We really love Krishan Prakash, and we loved playing with him. But, one afternoon he surprised us and told us that he would much rather do the sound for us then play tabla. GuruGanesha and I couldn't believe that someone would want to do sound and not be doing music. But, this is what Krishan Prakash went to school for... to be a producer and sound engineer. He is an artist at it really. So, we made a big leap and wrote an email to Manish who was living in an ashram with his teacher. He had given his teacher three of our cds, and his teacher absolutely loved them and used them in his retreats. When Manish received our request, he asked his teacher for his blessing, and it was given to him full heartedly. That was back last fall. It took alot of effort to get him over here.... including a work visa, plane ticket... etc. We are very grateful to have him... and the sound is absolutely fantastic with Krishan Prakash on the board.

In the light and Grace of Guru Ram Das
We travel from city to city
Walking in the footsteps
Of our great teacher the Siri Singh Sahib.
Sometimes our feet slip out of his big shoes,
But always God is there to catch us,
Keeping us on the mission
Of spreading peace
Through the Guru's hymns.

May love and light and peace be yours today, and may God's Name be on your lips.

Sat Nam.

Guru FAteh Ji
Hi ho ware you.I actually had the privalage of hearing your jatha at Richmond Hill.I think you may remember my sisters and I actually ran n met u n i gave u a hug.Anyways wow you have a blog cool.I really did enjoy your Kirtan so much and The fact that you all love Sikhi is so inspiring.See I am actually new to Sikhi even though I was born in it.Three years ago when I was 14 during some hard times I fell in love with Sikhism and made it my life.The espanola Sikhs(as we call them here) have all taught me so much especially since English is my first language.You all have such Kirpa which is so rare here. Anyways keep up the good work and once again it was a pleasure and I do hope to hear you again live soon.
Guru Rakha
Teji Kaur
P.S.- My sisters said Guru FAteh :-)
That's awesome that your team has grown. I have always enjoyed Prem Joshua's music of which Manish has been a part of...so I'm sure he is an great addition! I look forward to hearing some audio clips of live performances (or a New Cd :)
Hola Snatam Kaur.

Soy David, un chico español (de españa), y he conocido de tus canciones por una amiga, que vive en Londres y está casada con un Hindú.

Me alegro mucho del trabajo que estás realizando, aunque también se que mucha gente no comprenda porqué lo haces. Sé que es duro, día tras día, luchando, pero no nos queda otro remedio, ¿verdad angelito?

En realidad mi escrito no es por hablarte de tu música sinó porque algo que siento que es necesario que te exprese. Es respecto la mujer que está contigo en la foto, Sat Kirn Kaur, siento que además de ser una amiga, ha sido como una madre para tí. Gracias ha ella has podido hacer algo increíble en esta vida. Ella es la que te ha dado su/la Luz a costa de su propia Vida. Ella está con toda tu oscuridad, protegiéndote constantemente. Espero que se lo agradezcas porque eso lo hacen muy pocas personas y menos de forma consciente (ya que Sat Kirn Kurn es consciente de ello). ¿Porqué no le haces un regalo especial?

Om Namur, Snatam Kaur.
Your voice continues to be heard within the walls of our home but your CD is not playing! I had to go check the player to be sure. I was indeed right, it was off and empty.

Divine essence of God is here with us. Thank you for enlivening His grace where ever you go.

Mary from Fairfield.
waheguru ji ka khalsa and fateh
sat shri akal to a great doughter of god .I listion
ur kirtan first time on ur website I am realy inspired
from u .i pray to god u live long life and spread knowledge of god in world . I love god and god lovers like u I always like to listion waheguru word in ur voice... waheguru... waheguru waheguru ......waheguru dasan das
bikramjit singh
hola estoy realmente muy consternada me siento a escuchar tu musica y siento que estoy en otro mundo me transmites tanta quietud tranquilidad y alivio a mi corazon como nunca antes lo habia experimentado tu musica trastoco lo mas profundo de mi ser y de mi alma al borde de el llanto un llanto lleno de emocion una emocion indescriptible una inmensa felicidad recorre cada parte de mi ser palmo a palmo gracias de verdad por despertar esto en mi esta sensacion de flotar en una nube de amor me hacia tanta falta vivir esto gracias snatam por existir te admiro y me encantaria algun dia seguir tus pasos aunque sea intentar vivir en paz y armonia con los demas con amor magali gaxiola aldama
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