Thursday, July 19, 2007


Congratulations Rishi Parbhaat Singh on your graduation from Miri Piri Academy!!!!!

My brother is graduating from Miri Piri Academy, a boarding school in India. It is located in the outskirts of Amritsar Punjab, which is in the north of India. The school has children from eight years old all the way up to high school. The children not only receive an academic education, every graduate is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, they have the opportunity to study Gurbani Kirtan (spiritual music of the Sikhs), Indian classical music, Gatka (Sikh martial art), they learn to meditate (good thing to know how to do these days!), they have the opportunity to do seva (sacred service) at the Golden Temple which is one of the most sacred places on the planet, and among many other things they establish lifelong friendships. To find out more about this great school and to see pictures of the other children check out:

My brother started off at the school when he was eight, and has now graduated. Here he is at the Taj Mahal in the early morning hours. Rishi Parbhaat Singh means Sage of the early morning hours of the mountains. He is one of the most kind people I know, and with a great sense of humor that he has just begun to reveal to me. I'm so thrilled to know him, to be related to him, and to watch him go into this next phase of life... into college and beyond.

I know its been a long time since my last blog entry... my apologies. I'll get back on schedule. However, today's blog is dedicated to Rishi Parbhaat Singh, to the graduating class of 2007 from Miri Piri Academy, and to all graduating classes everywhere.

May you walk into each new day with the courage and strength of your heart.

May you know your worth and never sell yourself short.

May you have the intelligence, humility, and opportunity to serve humanity.

May you learn to talk to God.

May you breathe through each day, blessing your life with awareness.

May you understand gratitude.

May you see the beauty in you, the God in you.

May you know that all is as it is, and it is perfect.

With all love to you, blessings to you.

Sat Nam.

Sat Nam, my beautiful friend and congrats to your brother.

And thank you for those blessings. After so many years in my journey, I am still learning to talk to God, and just as importantly listening to God. I just don't seem to be hearing anything.

I seem to be in a spiritual adolescence where I'm questioning all of my previously held assumptions, including my beliefs in God.

I am willing for now to be patient and let God speak to me when He/She is ready. I am meditating, praying, comforting those in need, and listening to great music like yours. (I happened to be listening to "Celebrate Peace" when I saw you had posted. Coincidence or miracle, who knows?)

Peace to you and your brother,
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