Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Sat Nam everyone!!!

Well, I know its been a long time since my last entry. Please forgive me. Listen, I have some major news. Word has it that we will be driving around a double decker bus. I kid you not. A great friend and sponsor, Dan from Cellnique, is donating the bus to us for our use. It will have a beautiful design with the words "Peace Has Begun" in alignment with our new partner organization, Project Peace on Earth. It is going to be really exciting. Granted, I have never traveled around in such a large vehicle, but I promise to have pictures and share my experiences with you.

I am working on a new children's album with Krishan. For those of you who have seen us on the raod you will know that Krishan played tabla for us for two years, and then moved to being our sound engineer. Sadly he will not be travelling with us this year, because he is working on our new children's album and other albums. Certainly he is a very talented producer with a bright future. We are having fun here in the studio.

For those of you who love Manish, and were looking forward to meeting Tanmayo, we were unfortunately unable to get their visas in time for the spring tours. He and Tanmayo live in a beautiful ashram in India with their guru, Guru Dev from the Osho tradition. As you know if you ever heard him play tabla, it was like playing over a river. His rhythms are so beautiful, simple, and yet soul stirring. And Tanmayo with her beautiful voice and violin would have been magical. We are still hoping that a tour works out for them in the future, and if something comes through we'll let everyone know about it.

To finish this long over due entry... let me tell you my inspiration for today. This morning I went to Guru Ram Das Ashram in Los Angeles to hear the Hukham, or guidance for the day from our Siri Guru Granth Sahib. These are the words that stayed with me...

"There are two paths to choose from, but always One God." In life there are always choices to make.... just remember whatever choice "you" make.... God is there with you, and has made that choice through you. Live, enjoy, and remember God's Name!

Sat Nam.

So who is playing tabla with you all right now and in the future?
I am so pleased to discover a new post from you. I wish you traveling mercies during your tour and cannot wait to hear the childrens' album - both of my daughters love to listen to your CDs with me as I sit and write.

Thank you for sharing the gift of your gorgeous voice with the world.
You are always doing amazing work. Thank You!
Namaste..This lovely evening was my first time hearing your music...your angelic voice that is currently playing as I write this
has hypnotized me and sister,the healing that takes place in my heart is amazing! The tears of joy that run down my face are of pure love...I am so grateful. Looking forward to hearing you live this weekend in Ft.Lauderdale Florida....Peace & Many Blessings.
Nicole,Miami Fl
Nicole,Miami Fl.
Hi Snatam Kaur,

I stumbled across your music and when I saw your face I was mesmerized. You have such a radiating warmth in your photo's and I cant even imagine what you must be like in person.

I am intrigued after reading about you as to why you do not expose your hair. I know very little and do not mean for this to be offensive. I'm more interested from a learning prospective.

Thank you.....Alexis
Thank you ... your voice, music and fellow musicians are the sweetest expression of God to my ears and heart ! Thank you

Oh and WHEN are you coming to Australia ?
Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh! sister Snatam Kaur ji it is good to read more from you on your blog. Your picture is so adorable. It is very inspiring to a Gursikh sister following her heart. May God bless you always. Wish you success on your new tour. Peace is here. Peace is in the heart of the saints and sages. Let peace and love prevail. Snatam sister will you please do meditation on Guru Tegh Bahadar ji's salok mahala 9? If you could sing this on a CD for sangat that would be nice. Thank you!
Hi Snatam! I attended your beautiful concert in Ottawa on the 14th and am delighted to find your blog. I admire your dedication and beautiful energy. I bought your Shanti cd last year and play it for my children in the kitchen and at our lake house. We love your voice and your message. I am sending you love and heartfelt thanks.
Namaste Snatam
Firstly I want to thank you and bless you for the joy you so beautifully share with the world through your gift. I live in Australia in Beautiful Byron Bay on the eastern seaboard. Have you been to Australia yet? We would love to see you here at some time and I know the community here would welcome and support a visit. I download your songs onto my mp3 player and listen throughout the day..thank you Angel of Divine Song again for sharing who you are with us..
With love..Christos
Sat Nam
hi snatam

i am from chile i love your music, you are great persons for my.

peace and love
your friend from chile
Sat Nam
Here in Spain (España that gave name to your Española, where you live)we miss you.
When your next trip here?
While, all our bless and thanks for the gift of your voice.
With bliss of unconditional love.
Sat Nam
I am connecting with You
with my thoughts
with my dreams
with my heart

Light to You
from old Italia

and I hope to sing together
One day

Sat Nam,
Your blog mentions who you don't have playing tablas, but not who you do.
The first time I heard you live Girish was playing percussion for you. And isn't he again now? Isn't he also on some of your studio recordings?
He's an excellent musician and a wonderful person as well.
Gurubachie Kaur
So true, we are nothing without God. I love that view of life you just mentioned about God being with us, and remembering God's Name. Hugs beautiful light being that you are.
Aum Shanti & Sat Nam, ~(-_-)~
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