Saturday, April 26, 2008

Satnaam! I am driving in the wide open space of New Mexico, entering into Arizona. I'm with Adi Shakti Singh, our sound guy, and we're meeting Snatam, GuruGanesha and Girish in Encinitas.

And I'm touched, listening to Miten sing "This our aloneness, this is our time, this is the mountain we all have to climb, this is our destiny, wild and free, we're all holding a master key, to the empty sky".

In my 10 or so years of practicing meditation, I found the Beloved in my life. Wahe Guru! Which means the ecstasy of God, is here and now. Wahe guru! When I hear lyrics and music, that is in praise of this same experience, I feel my heart, and I feel home. Miten sings, "You gave me the greatest gift, you made my heart my home". The love inside me, is greater than any love that I can find outside me. This I found through meditation. Then Miten sings "I was never loved so deeply, never so true, so completely, until I was loved by You".

Thank you to all the spiritual teachers who served this mission before us, and to those that are serving today, and to those that will serve in the future.

The album I am referring to is called "Songs for the Inner Lover" by Miten with Deva Premal. you can read more about Miten and Deva Premal at You can purchase their albums through Snatam Kaur's record label at

We'll be starting our West Coast Celebrate Peace Tour in Encinitas 6 days from now. Peace come join us.

Peace on earth,
Sopurkh Singh

Sat Nam Sopurk~

Greetings from Bend, Oregon. I am looking forward to your stop here in May and would like to do any sort of seva you may need. From set up to take down - I am available.

You can reach me at ShaktiKaur at yahoo dot com.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

*Shakti Kaur
I saw pictures of your bus from the last newsletter. Do you all have any other photos of the inside? How is it being on tour with an actual bus now?
Sat Nam Sopurkh

You might recall our Full Moon Wahe Guru meditation at Kripalu in April - after the chanting session, Snatam asked us to get into groups and share with each other what transformational experiences we had during the workshop. I couldn't share much then, although I felt something inside me was working itself out slowly. Then it happened: during the Sunday 5:00 am meditation, yoga and chanting that you led us through I got an answer to a question I did not even know was asking. Since then I have been getting up early every morning to connect with the experience through Snatam's beautiful music. Thank you for sharing your beautiful selves with us so openly and unselfishly - I feel blessed to have spent that week end in your company. May the longtime sun shine upon your tour on the West Coast - and please come back to the East Coast soon again!
Sat Nam,
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I have only just started listening to Snatam Kaur's songs and I have to say that she has a very relaxing voice. I shall definately go to see her live if she comes down to the UK.
dear snatam....your music has captivated me and creates a sacred place in my home whenever I listen to it. thank you for your sacrifices to bring us your music - I saw you in Santa Cruz/Soquel = it was so beautiful - thanks to our creator for such inspired blessing sounds. I feel your love, Diane
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