Monday, August 04, 2008

Sat Nam chanters of the world!

This blog entry is dedicated to the sevadars (those who serve selflessly) who make our tours possible. These gems of humanity see God in the hearts of others, and have no duality about giving themselves fully. I am more than just grateful to them for helping make the kirtan happen each night, which is the obvious result, I am inspired by their consciousness in action, and this helps create the humble, devotional space for the kirtan to flow.

At each stop along our tour, there will be one, maybe two or three, sometimes too many to count, sevadars who show up and make us all smile. They come with purity of heart, and I remember God in that moment, when I see someone present with us, just there to lend a hand. There were so many during our two tours in 2008, I'd like to talk about a few of them with you.

Jaspreet Singh and Robin are pictured here.
We spent nearly a week in the San Francisco bay area, and Jaspreet Singh was there at 4AM sadhana playing his sitar, and he was with us at 1AM arriving back home each night after our 4 kirtans and 1 childrens program. He rode with us in the van, made jokes with us, and then simply said "Sat Nam" after one week of serving us. We felt his presence with us for the rest of the tour. Another all-star sevadar, Robin, showed up for the two concerts that her husband Ramesh joined us on percussion. God sent her with a big smile on her face and asked us if we needed anything. We quickly sent her here and there, Radioshack and the chai-shack. She helped set-up and break down without us even asking her.

Beyond the actual lifting of things, long hours, and so forth – is the heart of this experience - the smile and subtle energy of these sevadars - that makes the impression, and makes all the difference, between simply lifting things from here to there, to having a joyous experience. I have learned the incredible, transformative power of a smile! I put one on, and the world smiles with me.

Priceless. You truely are humilitant and beautiful, your voice and presence are piercing with such wonderful vibrations of the devine shining through you. I love it. I often hear you singing in my mind when I am doing kundalini yoga, and when I am chanting, and breathing. A lot of times, I feel no seperation, which is the way we all should be. God bless you for your wonderous ways, and views.
Sat Nam ~(-_-)~,
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