Monday, August 15, 2011


Sat Nam everyone from Gilsum New Hampshire!

Jap Preet and I have been driving her Grandpa's truck to town and to the lake. We love listening to the radio. At times I can see Jap Preet dancing with her arms as she sits in the car seat. She doesn't really seem to like to be watched, so I have to kind of take sneak peaks. Grandpa has a bumper sticker that says, "I love my country, but not my leaders." He got a kick out of the fact that I would be driving his truck around. I am a passionate Democrat and have voted for every Democrat including Obama since I got the right to vote. He is a passionate Republican. We've had a few heated arguments about politics in the past that sent the dogs to hide under the table. (just kidding... kind of:) We don't really talk politics anymore. We connect in many ways. Especially with my mother in law ill, it has given us so much to share together.

The gift that stands out the most to me this past week is realizing the importance of breath. As my mother in law suffers from Parkinson's Disease I realize that there is not much that I can do. This is a strange feeling. Usually I'm ready to give some sort of advice about a diet one could do, a meditation one could practice, or a doctor one could see. This is beyond anything I have ever dealt with. At times as we sit at the dinner table there is just a silence as we have said all that we could say, and done all that we could do for the day. Small talk doesn't really work too well anymore! At first I kind of started freaking out when these moments of silence came. Then I remembered to breathe. To just be in my breath. I realized at that moment that this gift of being conscious while breathing is a gift to my whole being and existence. When I breath like that I can experience the full spectrum of a situation and see the blessings in it.

My teacher Yogi Bhajan taught that at the last moment of your life, you see your life pass before you in just a matter of seconds. In those few seconds you feel all of the sensations of your life, all of the emotions, all of the energy that you experienced and what you were left with after each experience. It is said that after having this experience your soul can either move on and merge into the Light of God, or it goes back to earth. I don't know about you, but I'm going for the merging into the Light thing! Each breath of awareness contributes to that very last moment.

So let us breathe! Let us enjoy all of the moments.... especially the silent ones!

Sat Nam,

Snatam Kaur

Enjoyed yoga this morning with your CD. Namaskar
I appreciate being able to dance! Last week I did a training in YogaDance at Kripalu. It was so beautiful connecting with other beings and finding our freedom through dance, finding a way to move through emotions through dance, and letting the music move me through dance. So today I appreciate this gift that really serves my soul! Sat Nam!
Waha GuruJi Ka Khalsa!! Waha Guruji Ki Fateh!!

I don't have much knowledge of this disease. However, Is it possible that your mother in law can do “Simran” ..”WaheGuru..WaheGuru”?. Will be good if someone can take her to Gurdwara everyday (AM & PM) if any, so that she can sit in Sangat for some time.
Thank you, Snatam. Thank you for your music and teachings too.
Sorry to hear about your mother and father in law, Snatam... It must be hard on your husband to see them at this point with so many memories when they were younger.... I would say the best you could do in this overwhelming place in your life is to just be there with them....Sit with them....(including your husband)... And remember to smile...:) PS: oh, and don't talk politricks with your father in law right now... (haha)..... Blessings to you all.... Peace- LuAnn
Why wouln't you come back to Earth?
Take a bodhisattva vow, so to speak...
Just 'think' about it...
in your case it would help the earthlings for sure!
Beautiful post. I continue to pray and send positive energy your way.
Sat Nam,
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Jap Preet is sooooo cute... Lotsa love to her..

Thank you for the beautiful post, I am going to make sure,
When I breathe! I enjoy all of the moments...especially the silent ones!!!

Sat Nam
Dear Snatam, I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful music. My name is Fabien. I am this French guy who has been living in England for the last 15 years. 3 years ago, my partner Terry was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer. He sadly died last year.

During his illness, I used to play your music quite a lot. It brought great relief to both of us especially when we were both suffering in silence.

On the day of his funeral, I played Eh Ong Kar Sat Nam from your album "Anand" and at the end of the service as the coffin was leaving "Deep Blue Sea" as it was one of our favourite. It was hard to listen to your music again after his passing, bearing in mind that he was in wonderful hospice for 2 weeks, your voice reverberated in his room every evening.

However two or three weeks later, I started listening to it again as I didn't want such beautiful music to be just associated with such sad times ...

Just wanted to say thank you and as we say in Buddhism "Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu". I love your new album. It is truly amazing. I've seen on Facebook you are coming to London soon. Can't wait to see you on stage. Would love to give you a hug one day but I expect you have thousands of fans, it will never be possible.

With all my love and blessing, your compassionate heart is immeasurable.

I have a friend who's mother is suffering with bone cancer, talking with her seemed like maybe she was suffering as much as her mother. That is wonderful you remembered the breath, calming one's self is the heart of what one can do, and then maybe it helps them too.

In the end we are all human.

Prayers for you and family.
Hi Snatam,
Thank you for a lovely post. I must admit, i often forget to remember to JUST breathe. I know if i do it calms me in an instant and brings me back on point... and present.
I wish i could remember this when moments get heated instead of the ego self kicking in... but it's something i aim for everyday.
Thank you for your beautiful music, I listen to it and automatically feel a better, calmer and more peaceful soul.
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