Monday, September 12, 2011


Sat Nam!

Over the weekend I got to be in Brooklyn NY, staying with my Dad and his wife who live here and spending some very nice time with them and my brother Steve who lives in Brooklyn also. What a great place! I love Prospect Park.... people biking everywhere, all sorts of different kinds of dogs, fun play grounds, a lake with ducks to feed.... ie.... toddler's paradise. We biked there every day of our stay.

Being in Brooklyn for the tenth anniversary of September 11 was quite potent. Yesterday morning, I just felt it in the air. We watched a bit of the memorial service at Ground Zero on television. I was struck by the beauty and courage of the families. People who lost loved ones in 9/11 took turns reading all of the names of those who lost their lives on that day. One of the relatives said as she spoke the name of her loved one.... "We live each moment in honor of you." It was so beautiful. To come up from the ashes of something so terrible with that much grace and courage was beautiful.

I began to think of how very fortunate my life is. How blessed I am. And how powerful it is to live in each moment with gratitude. Oh.... so much work needed in this area for me! That woman who spoke such powerful words went through something very painful to reach that state of awareness.

I prayed at that moment that all of us may have that understanding through our collective experience. My brother Steve talked about it with me too as we walked through the streets of Brooklyn one evening. He has this incredible gift that in any situation that I have ever been in with him he is completely mindful of being kind to everyone. He has never spoken a word to hurt anyone that I have ever heard. I told him that this is such an amazing gift. That this is a saintly quality.

In response he said that for him it is living in Grace, it is living each moment in your highest excellence.

So there it is folks. Enlightenment in the streets of Brooklyn! Have a wonderful week and signing out from one of the greatest places on the planet.


Snatam Kaur

Te doy las gracia por tu música,todos los días te escucho,eres mi meditación diaria,que no quier decir que medite,pero si que cuando realizo mis tareas,escucharos,me tranquiliza y me siento muy feliz.Que Dios te bendiga a ti y a tu familia.
El 26 de Octubre,estere en Madrid,para escucharte en directo,estoy muy emocionada,será la primera vez.
Tu amiga de corazón y espiritualidad.Oti Namaste.
Snatam, Thank you for the gift of your words expressing the fullness of your heart for the blessings God has bestowed upon you. I am continually humbled by the life I have been given by God.
Sat Nam..thank you for your posting, it touched a very tender place in my heart. This July I celebrated 16 years clean (from drugs)....every day I wake up alive, I am grateful for another day. For the past 16 years I've kept a gratefulness journal. Every night before I go to bed I review the day in my mind and find a couple of things to be grateful for/about....nothing complicated- sometimes even just 1 or 2 words....on those days when i am feeling particularly challenged, I can look back over previous days/years and be encouraged. Thank you again for your post...I am truly grateful! :)
sat nam and thank you snatam for your beautiful grounded words. your blog post moved me to tears as i read your comment "I began to think of how very fortunate my life is. How blessed I am. And how powerful it is to live in each moment with gratitude." i have allowed myself and chosen to struggle with living with my mother in law. She lives with bi-polar as well as other health concerns. we moved to her home to help her out (she is physically unable to to may things for herself) as well as provide us with a place to live as we moved from across the county. i have found myself feeling angry as i am unable to communicate with her. i have kept our relationship very surface and have not talked about anything to important or brought up anything that will cause her to cry or get upset with me (she is generally emotionally charged). i'm finding it difficult because i have just realized that she is a very sick woman and that my relationship with her can't be "normal"...i know, it's a funny word "normal"...normal doesn't even exist. i'm sure you know what i'm saying. i just want to be able to talk to her, as i know i'm a loving person, and i'm mindful of how i speak. it is still not enough. i am now coming to a place of acceptance that this is so, and it's ok that it's this way. i can't make it a certain way, it just is. and at the same time the gratitude of what i have with her needs soil to grow. the tears that came helped place some soil there as i release the pain i feel. you are truly an inspiration. the words on your blog have a way of carrying an amazing healing vibration, thank you for that. Love to you in your life as you find the soil needed to grow gratitude where it is needed. they say compost is good for gardens...lets compost grief, pain, anger or whatever feelings that are not meant to be dwelt upon, and allow the compost to provide soil for a gratitude garden in every aspect of our lives.

thank you over and over for the peace you have shared in you words...and you voice as you sing truth for a deep place of love.

thank you,
carol anne
All three of you are saints. Because you teach love.
I AM grateful for this life of love, peace, mishaps and confusion. I AM grateful for the moment I had this weekend where a series of life experiences all seemed to make sense now and has brought me to a deeper understanding of myself. I thank the Grace for this awareness and growth.
I love your blogs and love your music .Can't wait to see you in the Uk in oct. Sat Nam.
I love your blogs and love your music. can't wait to see you in oct in the UK. Sat Nam
Beautifull Story and a nice family reunion Snatam.
I enjoy to read youre posts every time again.


From Linda Martens ( Belgium )
since it is gratitude monday i would like to say that im grateful for the fact that i will be in the presence tommorrow of an angel in the flesh!! talk about being in the right place at the right time. I had the good fortune to be at the gurdwara in north potomac yesterday doing sheva for their sunday langar and after the ardas they made the announcements - to my delight i heard that snatam kaur will be there on tuesday (tommorrow). Snatam i am truly blessed to have this opportunity once again to see you. I was at your concert in dc this summer with my mom who was visiting from the tiny paradise island called Barbados and we both shared the wonder of you. In fact you might remember at the end of the concert she came up on stage and hugged you - i was in wonder at her bravery to just climb up those steps and do this - no fear or intimidation. we bought ur cd at the concert and since then your voice and songs are etched in our hearts, why we even dance to them - lol its quite funny. Since buying your cd my younger daughter nikita also got hooked to your grace. We shall both see you tommorrow night - my mom wishes she could jump on a plane and be there too but alas it wont be possible. I will share with her my experience for sure. I do have a question, do u think it would be possible for me to bring my comp and hook her up with web cam so she can see you and hear you sing? Or maybe we can somehow tape your kirtan? I so wish that she could share with us. Please let me know. Thank you and am so looking forward to tommorrow!! god bless and see you soon.....govinda govinda govinda!!!
my name is divya kriplani
Thanks Snatam Kaur for you energy from your mantras every morning I leasing the Cd Sacred Chants for Healing , God bless you.
Paco Navarro..NAMASTE. AMEN...
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