Monday, October 24, 2011

Beauty Arises

Beauty arises
Out of the darkness.
She finds her way through
The cracks of the floor
We stand on.
When no one is listening,
When you cannot find a hand to hold,
That is the moment just before she arrives.
Take a breath
She is with you.
Beauty, complete.
Holding your hand,
Lighting the way with the simplicity of heart.
So fear not the darkness.
And fear not the cracking open of your heart.
This is how beauty comes.

Love and Blessings,
Snatam Kaur

PS - Join us in Costa Rica, for our Song of the Self retreat, March 10-17, 2012.

I'm so grateful to have started to practice yoga seriously,this experience is changing my life in a deep level, and that's how I met you Snatam Kaur! I'm also gratelful for my life!.NAMASTE
I'm so grateful to have started to practice yoga seriously.This experience is really changing my life! NAMASTE
I'm so grateful to have started to practice yoga.This experience is really changing my life.Namaste
wahe guru, thank you for this expression of gratitude.
dear snatam kaur
i am so thankful for beauty's perfect grace
and for your lovely reminder
which has spoken directly to my heart
i receive such solace from your recordings and a great deal of encouragement from the purity of your surrender
i shall never forget the worship that i experienced this past spring in seattle, wa at the unity church
thank you thank you thank you
you bring peace and healing into my world
sending so much love
sue hastings
These words have given me chills. Inspiring. Thank you.
Thank you for your voice, your presence, your music and the openness through which ALL flows through you. Your music keeps me alive, it moves me through every moment in which I pray. We share many Gurus in common and I share immense gratitude as do they for you and your service to Mother Earth and humanity. God bless you and your family. So much love.
Your Poem was eloquent, lovely and full of truth. It touched my heart and soul deeply. I listen and chant to your music daily and it has helped me through this very dark time in my life. Thank you for being a shining light upon this Earth.
With Love and Gratitude,
Kathy K.
Dear Snatam I'm so greatful to find peace and acceptance of my self and my new condition of life, I'm so greatful for all the moments of my maternity shared with you music, I'm so greatful for all the universe arond me.
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