Sunday, October 30, 2011


Sat Nam! Here I am in a small town outside of Barcelona. We have just finished our European tour with Thomas (keyboards and vocals), Ramesh (percussion and vocals), Scott (sound), Sopurkh (my husband and tour manager), and Jap Preet (my daughter who is in charge of keeping it real.) We had an amazing journey. Some of it challenging. I am really grateful to the whole team. It felt like every concert was a complete blessing from God.

We savored our day off. And today... we are traveling to India!

On this Gratitude Monday I have really been touched by the power of loving the ones you are with... the ones who are closest to you. Often we forget to do this and take for granted the most important relationships in our life. On our day off I got a chance to be with my husband and daughter and really enjoyed sharing with them in a loving day. We were tired from the very long journey of our tour. So.... honestly it took a little effort to set things aside and just be with each other. The results have given me positive energy and nourishment beyond anything I could have imagined.

My love goes out to everyone practicing the 40 day sadhana leading up to 11.11.11. May your journey in this meditation give you all that you seek.

We just got confirmation that Jai and Parmatma from Leverett Mass. will be joining us for the “Song of the Self” Retreat in Costa Rica to do the children’s program. They are so incredible with children. I can’t believe how lucky we are to have them. So not only can the adults get some spiritual nourishment from all of the yoga and meditation, but the children will also be in an amazing program designed to bring children in touch with their heart, soul, and inner light.

Blessings to you for a beautiful week!



Guru fateh!
Mrs Singh i am INDERPREET SINGH 31 year old gursikh man from punjab india.

I am big fan of your work which you and your family is doing for KHALSA panth.

My heartiest and sincere good wishes to you.

WAHIGURU helps you on each good step you take for KHALSA PANTH & HUMANITY
Wahiguru ji ka khalasa
wahiguru ji ki fateh
Please relax and rest in your pirvate time for a while. We have already been fully benefiting from you. Great love and calmness to your family from far east.
Toru Koyama form Japan.
Wish I were going to India too! Blessings to you on your journey there. Jap Preet is so adoreable, she has a smile to melt hearts.
Its wonderful to discover your blog snatam! Am a big fan of your music which i discovered thru someone posting the mul mantra on facebook. Now i have 3 cds and listen to them often... though i live in India, its weird but its your voice and music thats making me go back to my roots and learn gurmukhi and read the sukhmani sahib!

Have a wonderful trip!

with love
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