Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sat Nam everyone. I pray that your experience of the auspicious day of 11.11.11 was filled with blessings. As we enter into this new Aquarian Age, may we find love and support in the company of the Holy, the Sadh Sangat, and know that God and Guru is always with us every step of the way.

Jap Preet's allergies are gone completely. She is running around the Parmarth Niketan ashram joyously. In fact we had dinner with Swami ji last night. It was so beautiful. Through love and kindness Swami ji found out the foods that she loves to eat and had them brought in. Jap Preet was in bliss and giggles enjoying her new connection.

The 11.11.11 course was incredibly beautiful for me. I attended many of the classes and found my spirit rising, my heart opening, and my fears releasing all with Guru's blessing and grace.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to visit a very beautiful place. It is called "Ramana's Children's Home and Primary School", or as it is called here "Ramana's Garden." It is a place where street children who are at risk can come. All of the children are untouchables. They have a full academic program, they learn English, they are given organic vegetables and dairy from the school itself, and are given clothing. It was founded and is run by an amazing lady named Prabhavati. In fact this school is only one of her many humanitarian projects in India. She is a lady from the West, yet has lived here in India for the past 30 years or so. In hearing her story, it by no means an easy task. However the results of her work have brought miraculous transformation in the lives of thousands here. One of her graduates now works in a local travel agency because of his good English and people skills. Two of her graduates are now going to Miri Piri Academy and are at the top of their class. All of the children will be completely able to go to university. Being in India and seeing the street children every day... you know that this kind of work that is going on is totally the work of angels.

The school children gathered together so that we could play music to them. (Please see this video my husband made.) Little did I know that they would perform "The Sun Shines on Everyone", a song from our children's album. There is a volunteer music teacher who comes every year from America and she has taught the children this song. For me it was such a heart opening experience that I could barely take... as is very likely in India... when these things happen you just have to surrender. The youngest child in the room was four, the eldest was 16. If we were to understand their individual stories and histories before the school came into their lives it would be unbearable. Many of these children come from the kind of poverty and abuse that is beyond our comprehension in the West. But... as the children sang to us... there was more joy, more vibrancy, more gratitude then in any other children's group I have every sang with.

For this reason, we will be working with Ramana's Garden to help fundraise with them. I encourage you to check out the school by seeing this film, here. If you would like to donate please check out their web site. Our dollars in the West go a long ways and and brings us into the Divine Flow of of the Universe where all things are possible. If you are like me, it is hard to know where to donate money. There are so many organizations out there and with many of them you are not quite sure if your money is really going somewhere. I want you to know that as we walked through that school, saw the little steps made for the children, the swings, the clothes, the garden, and the pure brilliant glow on their faces... you can be assured that this is a good place to give to.

Snatam Kaur

It was a delight to have seen and heard you at the recent festival.. I am the person who spoke to you as we were in line waiting for the street food... I wanted to say so much more but ended up saying... Tomato Tomatoes .... you are a potato!..
Your voice is magical and...
Dear Snatam,

I am gratefull for your making me fell the positiv and healthy effects of singen mantras. teh family now sings every evening on your music, it's great!

It is so awesome the children sang to you. I bet you cried, I would, I am.
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