Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Snatam Kaur interview with Shivanter Singh

Snatam: I am really happy that you will be providing an opportunity for people to do your cleanse during both the Song of the Self Retreat at Blue Spirit in Costa Rica, and at the Radiant Power of Women Retreat at Omega. In fact, I have never done a cleanse with you and intend to take part in the program because of the powerful experiences I have seen people have with your program. Can you tell us a little about your cleanse?

Shivanter: Participating in the Shivanter Singh Strategies Cleanse is a journey; physiologically, hormonally, emotionally and at a core cellular and spiritual level. This experience offers the opportunity to nourish and support you, and to reinvent your being in a way that is congruent with your divine self.

A day doing the cleanse would go something like this: after sadhana you will take 3 different herbal compounds and a healthy breakfast of fruit juices and polenta porridge, followed mid-morning by a round of 2 herbal compounds. Mid-day there would be a lunch of fresh salads, raw soup and herbals teas. The afternoon will consist of a mid-afternoon dosage of herbal compounds (same dosage as the upon waking protocol), and for dinner, a bountiful meal of quinoa, lightly steamed kale and soaked legumes along with the same herbal compounds taken in the morning and mid-day.

The traction it takes to make change in our lives is normally a process that can take years. Our emotional existence on this planet is not simply cognitive, but rather an amalgamation of hormones, neural hormone receptors and synapses in our central nervous system that all adapt to survive based on our experience. The means that if we live in stress and anxiety for years, our body quite literally adapts to survive, and forgets to thrive. When we really begin to understand the chemical and physiological resistance we have to change, we are able to take the steps to adapt ourselves inside out to live a life full of grace and productivity. This cleanse offers a method to fast tract your way through resistance to change, but not only helping you break old stories intellectually and emotionally, but also by helping your body reprogram and hardwire at a neurological and endocrinological level.

Snatam: How was this program developed, and what was the inspiration?

Shivanter: This cleanse came out of the work that I have done with Gurmukh over the year, and it was a direct result of the Golden Bridge Cleanse. Several years ago Gurmukh suggested that I take this work on as part of my path, and I have been so very honored to have the opportunities to share this experience, this process with people. The principles behind the cleanse really work very well with the practice of Kundalini Yoga when we really begin to work from the platform of mind, body and spirit, we see people lives begin to change.

The true inspiration behind this work is certainly Yoga Bhajan. He has many thoughts and teaching around diet and this program has taken much of his insight into nutrition and brought them into this experience. The Strategies Cleanse is about learning about and creating healthy lifestyle strategies, and to be able to do that, one much be able to come from their own experience, their truth. The program helps individuals to come from a place of understanding their bodies better, and where they can begin to listen to their intuitive self, which I truly believe is God. Kundalini Yoga is incredible in that it provides the technology to connect with the heavens and also be present on the earth. When we bring in the herbs, diet, and physical work, we begin to move through all the blocks that just don’t serve us anymore, and with that gives us the opportunities to maximize our systems so that we truly can be present to serve.

Snatam: It must be really powerful to do the Strategies Cleanse during a yoga and meditation event such as the Song of the Self Retreat or the Radiant Power of Women Retreat. Can you tell us what you have observed and share with us one of your most special memories form working with people over the years with this program?

Shivanter: One of the most powerful moments was at the Radiant Power of Women Retreat. I was working with a woman who had just finished her protocol of chemo for breast cancer. The woman had spent the past three years of her life consumed by the disease, and now she wanted to let it go. Through the cleanse she began to realize that she had the power to heal herself, and that her identity was not her disease, and that she now could begin to listen to her authentic voice. Again, that voice that I believe is God speaking through us, and not at us.

Snatam: What are some of the challenges of doing a cleanse like this? How does one get beyond these challenges?

Shivanter: The biggest challenge that we face in this cleanse is the constant chatter that comes from our head, the negative mind wanting to sabotage us. The way we get beyond the mind is through the community that we create, and the fact that we are together, we are not alone; it’s an amazing healing experience when we can share our truth and feel safe.

Snatam: Do you see a change is how people relate for food after doing the Strategies Cleanse with you?

Shivanter: Yes, people really begin to understand that, “food is medicine”.

Snatam: What are some basic steps you instruct people to do after the finish you cleanse program and go home?

Shivanter: Drink 16 ounces of fresh vegetable juice per day. 50 percent of your diet should consist of cooked grains and cooked or steamed vegetables. 50 percent of your diet should consist of raw foods, of the above combination, 10 percent should consist tofu, vegetable and gain-based high protein foods and beans and legumes, excluding corn or wheat. Drink liquids between meals, instead of with your meals.

Snatam: Thank you Shivanter! We look forward to being with you in Costa Rica this March!

Shivanter: You're welcome! We'll see you then!

Sounds deeply inviting.
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