Monday, February 06, 2012


Sat Nam everyone! This Gratitude Monday is the first day of our Global Sadhana: Release Fear and Become a Conscious Leader. Please see the following link to sign up. Yay!!! This Monday I am grateful to feel how loving oneself in the core of your being gives you the capacity to overcome any challenge and live life in flow and grace.

Ok say it with me right now.

I love myself
I trust myself
I follow the flow of my heart
I am good
Yes I am good
I am Divine

And say it again and again until you believe it.

Believe takes work.

But we might as well start somewhere.

It is this sense of self love that carries the day. Our greatest challenge and our greatest resource in life really is right in our own minds. The energy of our minds effects everything. Mantras are our double plus power sources that give our minds not only positive energy, but really the capacity to balance the positive and negative thoughts to be in a state of neutrality. Neutrality is the state of the Buddha. Neutrality is the state of a mom on any given day when she did the most important job she has...which is to love her family in the midst of life!

That is my story and victory today. We all have a story and a victory every day, every moment.

How do we reach the victory moments?

Let us begin with love...

Love inside....

And see the grace unfold within you.

Love and Blessings,
~Snatam Kaur

Join us next month at our retreat in Costa Rica!

Really nice Santam. Your words have a beautiful ring of simplicity and truth. Thanks for writing and posting. Keep it up!
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