Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Sat Nam!
I am inspired to write these words for the blog this week because of the incredible and victorious practitioners of the Spirit Voyage 40 day Global Sadhana, Release Fear and Become a Conscious Leader! We are on day 17. If you would like to join us please see the following link,

Inner transformation is like being a banana peel in a compost pile. Things get stinky! Either you get stinky or someone else, perhaps your friend who happens to be a decomposing cucumber right next to you. The first step I believe is to accept who we are and what we are going through. We are all going through so many changes! And we cannot resist the change. It is happening with or without our conscious minds accepting it. The thing that gets most of us is the level of change that is required. We change so much! In the same way that a banana peel composts all the way from a tough yellow peel and eventually becomes dirt we are transforming every day in every cell within us.

Lately I have found that it is best to just go with the change. For me this means not judging what I came from and not judging what I am becoming. I find that it is a natural human coping mechanism to make judgements so that we can get from one state to the next. Latley I have been wanting to rise a bit above these judgements and just see the pure change happening in and around me.

This is God's Creation anyway. I am after all His banana peel. If I could ask for anything it would be to become good dirt. Ah sweet dirt, good dirt, dirt that you and I can grow in. Dirt that light, water, and oxygen can get into. That is the ultimate state of being.

God bless you! God Bless us! May we go with the change happening in and around us with love, light, joy, and acceptance.



We are making our final schedule plans for our Costa Rica Retreat, Song of the Self. I feel like it is going to be a blessed week together. There is still space if you would like to come!

When judgement arises it can be welcomed, "Thank you for your wise insight.", one might say to our judgements - and then, on to the compost heap!! Thank goodness for the power of mind that notices judgement!
Thank you dear Snatam - your music is balm to my soul.
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