Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Sat Nam. Recently a dear friend of mine, Dharm Singh of Espanola, told a story about a conversation he had with Yogi Bhajan many years back.

"Dharam Singh, you have two choices. You can either control everything, or control nothing." 

As Dharam shared with us, he gave this statement some serious thought. Could he control everything? He started going through the list of things that he would like to control, that he wanted to control, and then realized at some point in the cascading of thoughts that passed through his mind in a matter of seconds that he could not control everything. So therefore, he decided from that point on to live life in the reality that he could control nothing. 

Angels of Awakening
As it turns out, years later, he has an incredibly successful restaurant/bakery in Santa Fe, New Mexico called Chocolate Maven, a very beautiful family, a cozy and beautiful home where he hosts people from all over the world, a disciplined sadhana practice, beautiful music that he has recorded (check out his album, Angels of Awakening) and shares with people through touring, and many ways in which he serves the community. He always told us that things just come to him, and he shows up with his presence and willingness to receive. And there is a grace with which he lives. He is receiving everything. I believe he is able to do this because of his daily meditation practice. Sometimes a perfect employee comes to work for him in his restaurant, sometimes he has challenges with certain employees. A weed grows in his garden, yet the lettuce in his garden grows so abundantly that he can feed the whole neighborhood. Blessings, challenges, blessings, challenges. He kind of just rolls along with everything, in the perfection and imperfection, with the pure love in his heart and the discipline of his meditation.

Why do I tell this to you today?

Well, I suppose I am inspired on this day, to take a deep breath. To let go of needing to cross all the "t's" and dot the "i's". To be alright with a stumble here and there. To let go. To not need to or want to control anything, and therefore everything. To realize that in all truth I cannot, absolutely cannot control anything! Just bring my meditative presence in to every situation, and allow all lessons to be learned for myself and everyone involved. For we are all souls anyway, aren't we? Here to learn. Here to grow. Let us see each other as souls. Let us bounce around in the imperfection of our soul bodies dancing in their pure light way on this dense earth plane. 


Snatam Kaur

Dharam Singh Khalsa's Angels of Awakening is available to sample and purchase at Spirit Voyage Music,

Photo "Snatam Eyes Closed" by Robin Layton,

You are one beautiful soul Snatam.
Thank you for your guidance.
thank you. Sat Nam. I needed to hear this today too.
Best Note of the day!!

Thank you Snatam Ji

Lotsa Pyaar and hugs..
thank you.. this was a perfect message at a perfect time.
I love that message..I cannot control anything !
Thanks. ONE LOVE !
Let us join in meditative prayer together for those we have all lost in the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin shooting on Sunday 08-05-12. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families. For some reason Snatam, I keep seeing you there with the families giving them comfort and support. I can see you letting them know you are with them and care. I feel such a part of me is lost in this too, we all need to mourn with them.
Sat Nam,
Blessings to you. Your music is devotional and ecstatic for me. What you say about allowing our imperfections resonates with this quote from the great Zen Master Bankei:

"Not angry when abused, not happy when praised, a great blockhead of the universe! Going along as circumstances carry me—north, south, east, west, without hiding my ugliness and clumsiness between heaven and earth."
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