Monday, September 03, 2012


Matthew, Snatam, Todd, Jason, and Scott (in back) at
Omega for Ecstatic Chant over Labor Day weekend

Sat Nam everyone.  

Today in my blog is a poem that I wrote for my daughter.  It is what I know to be true, and in this way dedicate it to all children on the planet, and all those who take the journey into their heart. We have put it to music on our new album with Peter Kater to be released soon. Yay! We are at the beginning of our two week tour which ends at Sat Nam FestEast.  Please check out our tour schedule to see if you can join us along the way.  Love, Snatam

The Song of Your Heart
by Snatam Kaur Khalsa

You are becoming
The song of your heart
How beautiful it is
As the flower blossoms forth

Feel the earth in your toes
Oh my child you'll never know
What tomorrow brings
So sing, sing, sing

Rise before the morning light
Let your soul take its flight
God is with you listening
So sing, sing sing

Hand in hand we shall go
Through the grassy hills of gold
See the hawk circling
We sing, sing, sing

You are becoming
The song of your heart
How beautiful it is
As the flower blossoms forth

How beautiful....
Snatam, your poem for Jap Preet is so beautiful! Written with so much love. Please come back to Denver. I loved meeting your daughter when you did the child yoga program on Boulder. I also enjoyed seeing you at the Estes Park YJ yoga retreat. I listen to your music every day. My current favorite is Mere Ram. Sending you and your beautiful family love and light!
Denver, CO
A very light poem Snatam Ji.
I too dream to be a children's kundalini yoga teacher.
And.... there is one of my dreams to meet you oneday face to face... for real....I am gratful for that oneday i have known You as a person and your beautiful singing. It helped me a lot.
Words have limitations.
Much Love. Sat Nam.

That was beautiful, Snatam. Thank you for sharing!
Your poem has given me chills, it is so beautiful I am getting teary eyed. Excellent expression.
This is very beautiful poem, Snatam JI. Oneday i has touched to your sacred music and heard your beautiful voice and it has changed my life. Thank you, Snatam JI. May God bless me to meet you oneday for real. I will be vary happy :)
Sat Nam!
Much Love. Valya.
Beautiful - as a daughter I am taking both my beloved and my mother to the concert tonight in Toronto - your beautiful music inspires love in family (both birth family and God-Family). xoxoxo Caroline Davina Best
Dear Snatam,

Its pretty amazing how many people you have connected with in such a short period of time. Being a singer is how you were introduced to so many people but there is something else about you that touches so many people. Being a singer is just the tip of the iceberg. Keep doing what your doing. Be who you are !
I look forward to hearing the song your wrote for your daughter.
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